Cameroon Timber Export to Participate in the Upcoming Dubai Wood Show (DWS) 2020

Dubai wood show
Dubai wood show

We are happy and excited to announce that a team of Cameroon Timber Export is going to participate in the upcoming 15th Edition of Dubai World Show 2020 scheduled to be carried out from 16th to 18th March 2020 at the very popular Dubai World Trade Centre.

Dubai Wood Show (DWS) is one of the most promising international wood show events in the southeast cost city of Persian Gulf as it gives a wonderful opportunity for global wood exporters, suppliers or companies to exhibit and learn about new & amazing woodworking technologies, share creative ideas and gain the attention of global audiences interested in wood-based products or services.

Dubai International Wood & Wood Machinery Show (Mar 2020)

In the 14th edition of the Dubai Wood Show, more than 300+ Regional & International wood supplier and exporter companies from 42 different countries have participated to lock in millions of dollars of deals with global wood buyers.

More than 7000+ transactions have been carried out by specialist professionals or buyers with exhibitors showcasing wood, wood-related products or wood-based machinery.

wood show 2020

Cameroon Timber Export team is jubilant to receive an invitation to become a part of this humongous Wood show event in Dubai. Being the best exporter of quality timber, wooden logs and lumber, Cameroon Timber Export is looking forward to connecting with more than 10,000 professionals or visitors from MENA region and across the world to promote or sell its latest timber products, wooden log, and lumber.

Cameroon Timber Export will join this most innovative and exciting wood show event next year as a premier exhibitor to showcase its latest wood logs, timber, and lumber products to visitors or wood buyers from all around the world.

An Opportunities for Long-lasting Relationships

Also, as an exhibitor, we will look to form new contacts, find new business partners and build long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, manufacturers, trade, association, and institutions, etc.) from the Woodworking industry so that we can expand, grow our business and take it to the next level.

Best Time to Buy Lumber Wood in Africa

Best Time to Buy Lumber Wood in Africa
Best Time to Buy Lumber Wood in Africa

What is The Best Time to Buy Wood in Africa?

As they say, the best time to buy something is when you need it.

But, that’s not necessarily the case with buying wood. When buying wood, you need to consider a number of things, including the wood price, availability, purpose of buying, among others.

If you’re in Africa, Vietnam, UAE or any European country and looking forward to knowing the best time to buy some wood, you’re at the right place.

Here at CameroonTimberExport, we export quality African timber all over the world from our own wood mill located in Douala, Cameroon.

Being in the industry for over 30 years, we understand what type of wood is best for which purpose and what is the best time to buy it, both in terms of quality and price.

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Best Time to Buy Lumber, Timber, Wood in Africa

So, without further ado, let’s get on discussing the best time to buy lumber, wood in/from Africa.

Wood for Burning

If you are looking to buy some wood in order to store it now and burn later, say one year or so, you need to give the wood enough time to get dry. If you buy green now, keep it stored for say one year, it will get dry and then you can use it for burning. It’s also the most affordable option, as buying green now would be cheaper than buying dry wood later.

Buying hardwood lumber

If you have a manufacturing facility or furniture business and looking for the best time to buy hardwood, this is the right place for you. As a wood-based manufacturing facility, it’s important for you to keep a good stock of wood so as not to disrupt production.

But, at the same time, you need to consider the best time to purchase the wood based on the price and availability.

Being in the industry for many years now, we always advise our customers to regularly purchase hardwood lumber or as time allows them. However, if you are looking for the most convenient and profitable time for wood purchase, you need to learn to “time” the market.

What it means is you need to understand the market in terms of demand & availability and how it affects the price. Based on that, you can buy wood and store as and when convenient for you.

Nature’s Finest African Wood For Sale! 
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On the other hand, if you prefer to buy wood as & when needed, you must make sure that your supplier is reliable and can make the lumber available for you at the time you need it and at the best market price. Of course, building such relationships take time.

We are a reputable and trusted timber wood supplier based in Cameroon and know for our best-price & high-quality timber wood species.

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Now (Fall) is the best time to buy lumber wood in Cameroon (Africa). Here’s why.

If you are someone looking to buy African wood, now would be the best time to purchase. The rain is already over and the roads are dry, which makes it easy for workers to get in & out of the forest in order to fetch the best quality wood for processing.

The season after rain is usually the best time to buy lumber, wood in Africa, particularly in Cameroon. The wood is green and the price is quite competitive, so you can buy it now and keep it stored to be used later.

African wood is usable in a range of industries and for every purpose, from manufacturing, construction, firewood, flooring, and more.

To know more, feel free to reach us at

Buy wood logs from Cameroon Timber Export

Buy wood logs

Wood logs are the raw form of wood that has been freshly cut from a tree branch and felled into a log form. These are also known as “Timber” in some locations. Logs are unprocessed wood and need to be further converted into Lumber (sawn) form to be used for purposes like flooring, decking, etc.

In this article, we will get a basic idea of what wood logs are used for and how to buy wood logs.

Nature’s Finest African Wood For Sale! 
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What is a wood log used for?

Wood logs are majorly purchased by woodworkers and construction workers who will then convert them into beams, boards, etc. for furniture making, flooring, decking, veneering, and other purposes.

Other than that, wood logs are commonly used for:

Making timber/lumber – by using a saw machine in a sawmill to make boards, beams, etc. out of it.

Construction – used as it is for building walls, roofs, etc. of cabins and houses.

Fireplace – used as firewood in a fireplace

Decoration/crafts – another common use of wood logs in making decoration or craft items

For making fire/ cooking – Wood logs are also commonly used for making fire, usually for cooking purposes.

Depending on the buyer, wood logs may have multiple uses. If you are planning to buy good quality logs, here are some tips to help you with the job.

Tips for buying Wood Logs

Buy seasoned wood: Depending on your purpose to buy wood logs, you need to consider the moisture content as a factor while buying. For instance, logs felled in summer or spring season have a relatively higher moisture content compared to those felled in winter.

If you are buying wood logs for firewood, make sure to purchase logs that have a moisture content of 20% or less.

Also, you need to choose between hardwood or softwood depending on your probable uses. Softwood is softer and may have lower density and durability than hardwood.

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Always buy wood logs from a reputed and trusted provider to ensure that it can be returned or exchanged if and when needed. A reliable wood supplier like CameroonTimberExport will provide high-quality wood logs for your requirements.

Why should you buy wood logs from Cameroon timber exporters?

CameroonTimberExport is an old and recognized wood supplier and one of the largest distributors of African wood logs and timber in Cameroon. We provide delivery to multiple countries around the world, including, Vietnam, UAE, Malaysia, Iraq, Canada, Saudi Arabia, among others.


Being in the business for over two decades, we are a reliable wood exporter that you can trust with quality and timely delivery. We will dispatch your order so that it arrives at your location within the promised timeline.


We are one of the leading exporters of industrial wood in Cameroon and have managed to become a trusted supplier of the best quality, locally-produced African wood species.


When it comes to the quality of wood, we are an undisputed champion in the African wood export industry.


We are so assured of our wood quality and our service that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our products to all our clients worldwide.


Our wood logs are felled from the best tree species grown locally in the company-owned forests in and around Cameroon and processed by our expert woodworkers at our own sawmill.

Top wood species

We work with and export a wide range of African round log species, including, but not limited to, African teak, Azobe, Bubinga, ebony wood logs, beli, Doussie, mahogany logs, padauk, Okan, and more.

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How to buy wood logs from Cameroon timber exporters

Interested in buying top-quality wood logs with CameroonTimberExport? Use the contact form on our website for a free quote or call us (+237 655119522) or send an email ( detailing your wood requirements. You can also visit our shop located at 1310 Avenue De Gaulle BP 2667 Douala Cameroon (Douala).

Timber in Douala Port – Wood Export Business is Growing in Port of Douala

Timber in Douala Port
Timber in Douala Port

Douala is a coastal city located on the shores of the Wouri river in southwest Cameroon. It’s the economic capital of the country and also the largest city by both by population and area.

Among other things, Douala is famous for its seaport, officially called the Port of Douala, which happens to be a major commercial center in the country. A major part of the country’s exports, including timber export, is conveyed through the Douala seaport.

Timber in Douala Port is a growing business, with a number of prominent timber exporters delivering quality native wood species to buyers all around the world. Most of Cameroon’s local wood suppliers, as well as many from neighboring countries, use this Douala Port for timber export all over the world.

Nature’s Finest African Wood For Sale! 
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Most of Cameroon’s local wood suppliers, as well as many from neighboring countries, use this Douala Port for timber export all over the world.

The port of Douala is said to have a prominent role in growing the timber export business in the country and the African continent. It also said to be a major fishing destination in the city, giving a boost to the fishing industry of Cameroon.

Besides timber export, the Douala port is also a major hub to the country’s international trade, including export and import, of cargoes of gasoline, fruits, bauxite, oil, metals, cocoa, among other things.

Being one of the largest seaports in Cameroon, Douala Port Wood Export is used for most of the country’s global trade. It has facilities to host a significant number of cargoes of different sizes, making it a perfect choice of big players like Timber in Douala Port exporters.

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As a major industrial center of Africa, Port of Douala also hosts a number of world-famous businesses, including factories producing soap, glass, plastic, palm oil, paper goods, etc. The port has a ship repairing and maintenance facility as well.

Timber in Douala Port for Export Business Cameroon

Timber export is one of the biggest industries and commercial sectors in Cameroon because of the high availability of good quality natural wood, timber, hardwood, softwood and wood logs.

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The Port of Douala, being a major international trade center of the country, plays a significant role in the growth of the timber industry. Most of the timber suppliers in and around the country use Douala Port Wood Export services for customers and businesses worldwide.

The port makes it easier as well as affordable for Cameroon timber manufacturers and exporters to supply their top quality timber to businesses around the world and drive the economic growth of the country.

Many exporters of sawn Timber in Douala Port Wood Export industry, including CameroonTimberExport, use this port to ship their cargoes throughout the world.

Without the Port of Douala, it would have been nearly impossible for local wood suppliers in Cameroon to supply their wood to other cities, let alone other countries.

Thanks to the Douala Port, we at Cameroon Timber Export, are able to export our top quality Africa wood species to our clients all over the world, including countries like Vietnam, UAE, Canada, and others.

Top 10 Unique Woods That Only Available in Cameroon To Buy

10 Unique Woods That Only Available in Cameroon To Buy
10 Unique Woods That Only Available in Cameroon To Buy

When buying or importing timber wood, one needs to keep a few things in mind in order to buy wood that you actually need.

At Cameroontimberexport, we export a wide variety of wood species in two major forms – sawn timber and round logs.

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While timber is mainly used for decking, flooring, roofing, and furniture manufacturing projects, the use of round wood logs is not limited as it can be shaped in any form or used for multiple purposes.

Depending on your uses and purpose, you can now import or buy a wide range of Africa wood species with Cameroontimberexport.

Nature’s Finest African Wood For Sale! 
Order Wood Now!

Not sure which wood species is the best for you? We make the job easier for you by describing here the different varieties of wood along with uses.

Buy Wood Cameroon – Which African Wood Species is best for you?


Also known as Ekki, grows in West Africa, dark red or violet-brown in color

Primary uses: This wood is perfect for the construction of bridges, decking, boatbuilding, and flooring.


Mainly found in Equatorial Africa, this is a dark red color heartwood.

It is commonly used for building fine furniture, veneer, turnings, inlays, cabinetry, and other such things. The use of Bubinga wood slabs is also seen for building tabletops.


Commonly known as Afrzelia, this hardwood mainly grows in Africa and Southeast Asia. It is red-brown in color and suitable to be used for making furniture, flooring, boatbuilding, cabinetry, docks, veneer and other exterior construction.


Iroko is a native to Tropical Africa. The wood is yellow to medium brown in color and no known odor. It is suitable for use in furniture making, boat building, veneer, cabinetry, and turned items.


Commonly known as African Pearwood, this wood is extracted from trees that are native to Equatorial Africa. It is red-brown in color and used mainly for veneering, making fine furniture, turned objects, cabinetry, and other similar items.


It is an economic species which grows mainly in Central and Western Africa. The main uses of this wood include furniture making, bot building, veneering, flooring, exterior construction, cabinet making, and more. It is also suitable for millwork.


African Padouk or Padauk is a wood species, the distribution of which is limited to Central and Western Africa, It is dark brown-red in color and has a number of possible uses including flooring, veneering, furniture making, musical instruments, and other small wood objects


Sapelli, also commonly known as Sapele, is a native tree to Tropical Africa. It is dark red-brown in color and has a moderate to high durability, which makes it suitable for use in making plywood, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, turned objects, veneer, and musical instruments.


Sipo, or Utile, is a wood species grown in West and Central Africa. It is red-brown in color and has moderate durability. The common uses include, but are not limited to, boatbuilding, furniture making, veneering, flooring, etc.


Teak is mainly grown on plantations throughout Africa. It is medium brown in color.

Due to very high durability, teak is considered a premium wood option for decking, furniture making, boatbuilding, turnings, veneering, and exterior construction.

You can buy wood, including all these species, and some more, with Cameroontimberexport. If you have any questions related to buying wood or choosing the right option, feel free to contact us.

Different Types of Wood Decking – Which is Best for You?

Different Types of Wood Decking
Different Types of Wood Decking

The decking material is very important when you decide to build a deck for your residential or business property. It is not only about adding mesmerism to the interior but also about withstanding the test of time, comfort for your pets and easy foot traffic.

There are deckings like hardwood decking & softwood decking. And then there is iconographic decking that gains a big-league status.

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But before we move on, it is very important to know that softwood doesn’t necessarily mean that it is less durable or denser. It is simply a reflection of the species from which it is obtained. Woods obtained from coniferous species, or “evergreen” species, are categorised as softwood.

Types of Wood Decking

The most common type of wood decking include hardwoods, pressure-treated wood, and softwoods. Here are some tips to choose the right one for you.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood species are commonly found throughout the world, with Mahogany, Iroko, etc. being the most preferred hardwoods for decking because they define similarity with teak which is a costly option. Both of these hardwoods are strong, hard & dense.

Nature’s Finest African Wood For Sale! 
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Teak is usually the recommended hardwood for decking, but the high cost limits its popularity. Mahogany makes a nice alternative.

The density and concretion of this wood guarantee the life span & stability of more than 25 years to the decking and, at the same time, makes the deck installing a hassle-free job. Depending on where you buy it from, the durability may range from 20 to up to 50 years.

Iroko, which is commonly produced in Tropical Africa, is another nice option for hardwood decking because of its high durability and amazing rot/insect resistance.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is the most preferred & widely appreciated kind of wood used for decking because of the cost-efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal it comes with. 

It is a must-have decking material that supplements other decking woods as it always makes win-win either with its economical prices when the other material is high-priced or with its solidity for structural support when another material is weak.

Pine is one of the most utilised pressure-treated wood for decking. High-maintenance requirements that include regular cleaning & sealing for the extension of its life and safe-keeping the wood in sound condition, is something which is shrinking the client base of African pine now.

Softwood Decking

Softwood Decking is not usually considered appropriate, as people think that softwood is comparatively softer or less dense. But, that’s not always the case. Cedar is softwood with rich colour and warp & woof.

Among the most commonly softwoods for decking, Cedar takes the crown because of its stability, durability, and delicacy that ensures natural protection from elements, long-establishment and higher adherence to paints & polishings compared to other decking materials.

It remains flat & straight and so also provides a rocklike substratum for paints & finishes that adds stars to its preferability. Cedar is an ideal softwood for decking.

The best wood type for decking depends on the aesthetics you appreciate, the budget you can afford, the durability you prefer and the weather condition you are living in.

Best Types & Species of Hardwood for Flooring

Types of Hardwood Flooring
Types of Hardwood Flooring

Flooring is the process of installing a layer or cover on the floor. Some of the common materials used for the purpose of flooring including carpet, ceramic tiles, rubber, hardwood flooring, natural stone, vinyl, laminate, among others.

Hardwood flooring is the most common of all, because of high strength and natural beauty.

When it comes to hardwood for flooring, there are multiple options available such as solid wood, engineered hardwood, etc., which can make it difficult for you to choose the right wood for your flooring project.

Types of Hardwood Floor

To ease the job, we are today sharing a detailed guide of the best hardwood floor types and species to help you make the right choice.

Solidwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is one of the best options if you are looking for flooring in your home. This is because it’s highly durable and looks elegant, which means it will last longer than you expect.

Nature’s Finest African Wood For Sale! 
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The trick is to find the right solid wood planks that are beautiful and stronger at the same time. The best options would be Mahogany, Rosewood, and Azobe.

These types of wood flooring are usually backed by a clean and rich finish to make them appealing and the main attraction point of the place.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is made by combining hardwood with high-quality plywood to give extra strength and finish to the flooring and limit the cost. Most of the modern-day homes use this type of flooring. These are suitable for both residential and commercial places.

Engineered wood flooring is known to be more stable and robust as compared to solid wood floors. These are especially perfect to be used in high-use areas of the home/office such as kitchens, hallways, etc.

Best Hardwood Flooring Species

When it comes to hardwood flooring, choosing the right wood species is as important as choosing the hardwood type.

At Cameroon Timber Export, we supply all the modern varieties of hardwood flooring, including some of the most used and popular timber species from Africa.

Here are some of the best hardwood flooring species that you can choose to buy from our wide collection.


It is a yellow-brown heartwood which is known to be very durable and has significant resistance to decay, termites, and insects. These traits make it suitable for flooring among other things.


The hardwood is dark red in color and has high durability as well as remarkable weathering characteristics. It’s commonly used for wood flooring.


Doussie is another hardwood used for flooring. It is red-brown in color and has a moderate rot resistance with high durability.


Iroko is a yellow-brown hardwood that is very durable and has high resistance to rot and insects. It is widely used in flooring and furniture making.

Other flooring-friendly hardwood species that you can shop with Cameroon Timber Export include Mahogany, Maobi, Okan, Padauk, and others. Contact us today to know more.

Wood Vs. Composite Decking – How to choose?

Wood Vs. Composite Decking
Wood Vs. Composite Decking

Wood Decking, hardwood decking, softwood decking, softwood decking boards, wood decking price

Wood is a natural, general-purpose product used for manufacturing furniture, decks, building, plywood, among other things. It is known to be one of the strongest and most durable materials for construction. Industries Wood is produced from trees of various species, including oak, pine, mahogany, ebony, among others.

When it comes to deck building, composite is usually considered the best or most preferred alternative to natural wood/timber. Composite is a mixture of wood fiber and plastic, which is stronger and denser than normal wood.

It is generally made of recycled wood and plastic. So, what makes one good over the other? Let’s try to find out.

Wood or Composite – Which Is the Best Decking Material

Here are the top things to consider in order to make the right decision between wood or composite for decking.

1. Place

The pace where you’re planning to put the deck is going to be a major factor in deciding the wood decking type. You have to consider the various possibilities, like the amount of shade or sun at the place and whether you are going to use it in-house or outside in the full sun.

It matters because decks in open (full sun) are supposed to receive direct heat, which makes them prone to fading or warping. Also, sunlight can make them too hot to walk barefoot. On the other hand, decks in close areas like shades are likely to get mold or stains and require regular care.

As for the wood type, composites are usually better for in-shade decking because of high resistant to staining and rotting.

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Similarly, darker color composites are not ideal for open sun placing. So, bright-colored wood species like mahogany, ironwood, or iroko are ideal for such conditions. Wood with high rot resistance is perfect for in-shade decking.

2. Pests

When you’re using decks in the open, the chances of them getting hit by pests and insects are always high.

Carpenter bees are the most damaging of pests that can ruin your beautiful deck by making deep holes in it. If you are using wood decking, make sure that it is pressure treated, which makes it resistant to insects. Composite decking is also a good option because of its high pest resistance.

3. Maintenance

Like all other things in life, your decks require proper, regular care (cleaning), irrespective of whether it is made of wood or composite.

If you are considering wood for decking, be ready to finish it annually to avoid the risk of fading. Also, wood decking needs to be cleaned and re-stained once every 2-3 years, which is not a major issue unless your deck is large in size.

Pressure-treated wood is usually the best option. Teak is also a good option, considering you can find it at a good price. Try CameroonTimberExport for the best quality African timber.

4. Cost

Cost is also one of the important factors to consider while choosing material for decking. This is, in fact, a major reason why most people avoid composite decking because of the high initial cost.

Wood is a cost-effective alternative to that. When it comes to the best hardwood decking, most people would go with Teak because of its high rot-resistance. But, you should also consider the pricing, as teak does not come cheap. Alternatively, you can consider using Mahogany, which is an affordable option. Find a reliable timber supplier in your area and enquire about wood decking prices.

5. Softwood Vs Hardwood Decking

Both softwood and hardwood are used for decking. While the most common hardwood decking uses iroko and teak, the softwood decking is usually made of pressure-treated softwood.

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All You Need to Know about Wood (Timber/Lumber) Exporters in Canada

Know about Wood (Timber/Lumber) Exporters in Canada
Know about Wood (Timber/Lumber) Exporters in Canada

Canada is one of the countries which imports its wood from all over the world, including Africa.

While Canada itself is rich in forests and natural, most of the local Canadian wood produced in the country is either exported to other countries or used in local manufacturing/construction jobs.

Canada also imports some fine wood species in Lumber and log forms from countries like Africa. CameroonTimberExport is one of the top timber exporters in Canada.

Types of Wood Exported to Canada

Canada is a major importer and consumer of industrial softwood (timber), which is mostly exported from African countries.

Other than construction, African timber is primarily used for making furniture and other wooden items by merchants in Canada.

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The following types of wood are most commonly exported to businesses in Canada.

Yellow Pine: This is a hardwood commonly found in Africa, United States, etc. Depending on the origin, yellow pine might range in hardness from less dense (western yellow pine) to more dense (southern yellow pine). It is used for building plywood and lumber (exported to Canada).

Hem-Fir: One of the most used woods in Canada, Hem Fit is very strong and durable, which makes it perfect for contribution purpose as well as for building structural components. CameroonTimberExport is leading exporter of Hem-Fir lumber in Canada.

Red Cedar: It is a common wood that tends to be reddish-brown in color. Canadian wood is highly resistant to decay and rot. It is mainly used for making fence posts, outdoor furniture, bows, pencils, etc. by merchants in Canada.

Oak: Oak is one of the most famous wood species which is used for many purposes including construction and furniture making. It is available in many varieties, as CameroonTimberExport exports all varieties of Oak to Canada.

Maple: Maple is primarily used for making industry-grade timber to be used in making baseball bats, bowling pins as well as firewood. Maple wood grown in Africa is exported to Canada by CameroonTimberExport.

Why is CameroonTimber Export the best Timber/Lumber exporter in Canada?

CameroonTimberExport is the leading manufacturer and exporter of the top-quality, industry-grade African and Canadian wood with delivery to many cities in Canada.

We produce wood in our local forests in Cameroon and process them at our plant in Lumber/Timber wood. We sell timber wood and soft wood in Canada at wholesale prices and provide delivery to all over the region.

If you are a buyer or importer of African timber/lumber, here’s why you should buy from CameroonTimberExport.

Top-quality wood

Rest assured, we will deliver only the best quality Canadian wood processed by our skilled woodworkers and checked by our team.

Best prices

We offer the best African wood timber at the most affordable prices in the area. More discounts can be offered for bulk/wholesale orders.

Many wood varieties

As you can see, at CameroonTimberExport, we produce and export more than 22 varieties of wood timber/lumber and logs.

Supply to multiple locations

We export wood to many locations in Canada, so wherever you are in the country, we can deliver the best quality timber directly to you.

Types, Qualities and Uses of Timber Wood In Africa

Types of Timber Wood

Africa is known for its lush green forests and jungles expanded throughout the country. It also happens to be one of the biggest producers and exporters of industry-grade timber.

We, at CameroomTimberExport, are committed to bringing you the best quality timber, lumber and logs from over 20 wood varieties found in Africa and with delivery to all over the world.

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Today, we will talk about the 7 major types of timber wood found in our forests and supplies by CameroomTimberExport, along with their qualities (specifications) and uses.

Let’s give right in.

7 Major Types Of Wood Timber

1. Bubinga

Bubinga is a 130-15- ft tree which primarily grows in Equatorial Africa.

Specs: 130-150 ft tall, 3-6 ft trunk diameter, 56 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-red to a red-brown color, straight to interlocked grains, moderately to very high rot resistance

Uses: Being easy to work with, it is mainly used for constructing inlays, cabinetry, veneer, turning, furniture, tabletops and other specialty items.

Bubinga Timber Wood

2. Iroko

The distribution is limited to tropical Africa.

Specs: 100-130 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 41 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, yellow to medium brown color, large to very large pores, medium to coarse texture, interlocked grain, highly durable and resistant

Uses: Making of flooring, furniture, veneer, cabinetry, turned items, and boatbuilding.

Iroko Timber Wood

3. Doussie

It mainly grows in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Specs: 80-120 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 50 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, reddish-brown (heartwood) or yellowish-white (sapwood) in color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, very durable.

Uses: construction and exterior millwork, cabinetry, furniture, boatbuilding, veneer, turned objects, flooring, docks, inlays, etc.

Bubinga Wood Timber

4. Sapelli

Sapelli, or Sapele, primarily grows in tropical Africa.

Specs: 100-150 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 42 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, golden to dark brown color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, moderately to very high decay resistance, cedar-like scent

Uses: Manufacturing of plywood, veneer, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, musical instruments, turned objects, and boatbuilding.

Sapelli Timber Wood

5. Moabi

Also known as African pearwood, it grows mainly in equatorial Africa.

Specs: 165-200 ft tall, 5-8 ft trunk diameter, 54 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-brown to reddish-brown color, straight to wavy grain, diffuse-porous, very durable, no odor

Uses: veneer, fine furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, and specialty items

Moabi Wood Timber

6. Sipo

Sipo, or Utile, is grown in West and Central Africa.

Specs: 150-200 ft tall, 3-5 ft trunk diameter, 40 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, medium reddish-brown color, interlocked grain, diffuse-porous, moderately durable, cedar-like scent

Uses: veneer, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, turned objects, and boatbuilding

Sipo Timber Wood

7. Padouk

Also known as African Padauk, it grows in Central and tropical West Africa

Specs: 100-130 ft tall, 2-4 ft trunk diameter, 47 lbs/ft3 avg dried weight, pink-orange to brown-red in color, straight grain, diffuse-porous, excellent decay resistance (high durability), faint odor

Uses: veneer, furniture, flooring, musical instruments, turned objects, and tool handles.

Padouk Timber Wood

Besides the above-mentioned ones, there are multiple other types of timber wood, such as Zingana, Okan, Bilinga, Okume, Azobe, etc., that you can purchase with us at CameroomTimberExport. We provide delivery to Europe, the Middle East and multiple other countries all over the world.