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Wood logs are the raw form of wood that has been freshly cut from a tree branch and felled into a log form. These are also known as “Timber” in some locations. Logs are unprocessed and need to be further converted into Lumber (sawn) form to be used for purposes like flooring, decking, etc.

In this article, we will get a basic idea of what are wood logs and how to purchase them online with ease.

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What Is a Wood Log Used For?

Wood logs are majorly purchased by woodworkers and construction workers who will then convert them into beams, boards, etc. for furniture making, flooring, decking, veneering, and other purposes.

Other than that, wood logs are commonly used for:

Making timber/lumber – by using a saw machine in a sawmill to make boards, beams, etc. out of it.

Construction – used as it is for building walls, roofs, etc. of cabins and houses.

Fireplace – used as firewood in a fireplace

Decoration/crafts – another common use of wood logs in making decoration or craft items

For making fire/ cooking – Wood logs are also commonly used for making fire, usually for cooking purposes.

Depending on the buyer, wood logs may have multiple uses. If you are planning to buy good quality logs, here are some tips to help you with the job.

Tips for Buying Wood Logs

Buy seasoned wood: Depending on your purpose to buy wood logs, you need to consider the moisture content as a factor while buying. For instance, logs felled in summer or spring season have a relatively higher moisture content compared to those felled in winter.

If you are buying wood logs for firewood, make sure to purchase logs that have a moisture content of 20% or less.

Also, you need to choose between hardwood or softwood depending on your probable uses. Softwood is softer and may have lower density and durability than hardwood.

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Always purchase wood logs from a reputed and trusted provider to ensure that it can be returned or exchanged if and when needed. A reliable wood supplier like CameroonTimberExport will provide high-quality wood logs for your requirements.

Why Should You Buy Wood Logs from Cameroon Timber Exporters?

CameroonTimberExport is an old and recognized wood supplier and one of the largest distributors of African wood logs and timber in Cameroon. We provide delivery to multiple countries around the world, including, Vietnam, UAE, Malaysia, Iraq, Canada, Saudi Arabia, among others.


Being in the business for over two decades, we are a reliable wood exporter that you can trust with quality and timely delivery. We will dispatch your order so that it arrives at your location within the promised timeline.


We are one of the leading exporters of industrial wood in Cameroon and have managed to become a trusted supplier of the best quality, locally-produced African wood species.


When it comes to the quality, we are an undisputed champion in the African wood export industry.


We are so assured of our wood quality and our service that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our products to all our clients worldwide.


Our wood logs for sale are felled from the best tree species grown locally in the company-owned forests in and around Cameroon and processed by our expert woodworkers at our own sawmill.

Top wood species

We work with and export a wide range of African round log species, including, but not limited to, African teak, Azobe, Bubinga, ebony wood logs, beli, Doussie, mahogany logs, padauk, Okan, and more.

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How to Buy from Cameroon Timber Export Sarl

Interested in buying top-quality wood logs with CameroonTimberExport? Use the contact form on our website for a free quote or call us (+237 655119522) or send an email ( detailing your wood requirements. You can also visit our shop located at 1310 Avenue De Gaulle BP 2667 Douala Cameroon (Douala).