A Comprehensive Guide To Hardwood Decking

hardwood decking guide

Hardwood is considered a beautiful investment for many reasons. Not only the use of hardwoods for decking is the most gorgeous choice, but also this type of decking happens to be very dense and durable. So, it’s kind of a combination of both beauty and strength. What more could you ask for when looking for the perfect wood for decking?

While tropical hardwoods are usually a great choice for wood decking, not all hardwood species fare well for use as intensive as decking. So, today, we will talk about decking and how to choose the right hardwood.

Let’s get started.

Best Hardwood Species for Decking


ipe decking wood

One of the most important things to consider for hardwood decking is the hardness and durability of the wood. As one of the densest and most durable hardwoods in the world, Ipe certainly makes a wonderful choice. It’s a Brazilian hardwood that has plenty of natural oils to keep pests and rot away. The wood is so strong that it is known to easily last a century or so and is also nearly resistant to fire, in the same lines as concrete and steel.

However, Ipe doesn’t come cheap. As one of the strongest hardwoods, it is also quite expensive, which is why most people look for other less expensive alternatives for hardwood decking.


garapa timber

Garapa is a tropical hardwood found in South America. It is a very strong and is rated as durable in terms of decay and rot resistance. However, Garapa could be vulnerable to insect attacks and might need to be treated for that.


cumaru timber

Cumaru, also called Brazilian Teak, is a Northern South American hardwood. It has a straight grain and a medium to dark brown heartwood. In terms of durability, Cumaru is rated as excellent and is resistant to weather, decay, termites and more, which makes it a perfect choice for wood decking.


teak wood

Teak is a popular hardwood found in Asia and also grown on plantations in Africa and Latin America. It’s a strong wood with a 1,070 lbf Janka rating. It is also one of the best hardwoods in terms of decay resistance and durability. However, the best thing about teak is that it comes cheap, at least in comparison to options like Ipe.

What else Should You Know?

Hardwoods such as Ipe, Garapa, Cumaru and others make a very good choice for decking. But, there are a number of things one should know before investing in decking.


Decking might cost you good, depending on the wood species you are choosing. Top species like Ipe cost the most, while alternatives such as Garapa you can buy at low rates.

Decking under Warranty

You can get a warranty of up to 25 years or so for some high-end hardwoods for decking. However, you might not need that if you buy hardwood decking from a reputable timber supplier like CameroonTimberExportSARL.

Kiln vs Air-dried

Almost all hardwoods for decking are kiln-dried, which ensures minimal warping and shrinkage after decking installation.

Where to Buy the Best Hardwood for Decking?

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Hardwood for Decking: Pros & Cons

Another thing to know before selecting decking is the pros and cons of hardwood for decking.


  • Natural hardwood decking looks absolutely stunning, depending on the selection of species.
  • Some hardwoods, including the ones mentioned above, are really tough and will not easily deter or damage.
  • They are mostly durable and have good resistance to rot and insects, which means your decking will be with you for at least a few decades.
  • Hardwoods are stable and do not shrink or expand a lot.
  • They do not easily burn even when in direct contact with fire. Moreover, they are free of harsh chemicals from composite decks.


  • Hardwood for decking is pricey and can cost you significantly more than cheaper options like pressure-treated pine.
  • Hardwoods are not always easy to work with.
  • Hardwoods tend to get really hot in the sun.
  • They might change their color with time and need constant care and maintenance.

So, that’s all you need to know about hardwood decking. Now, go and select the best hardwood for your decking. Feel free to drop us an email at info@cameroontimberexport.com or Whatsapp (+237671776559) with your queries.