Pine Wood: Properties, Characteristics & Uses

pine wood properties and uses
Pine is a softwood commonly imported from Northern, central and eastern Europe. Pine timber is widely used across a variety of woodworking projects, including furniture making, interior finishing, building & construction, panelling, among others. If you are looking to buy top quality pine wood timber, it helps to first know about the basic properties of pine in order to select the best timber for your particular project. We at CameroonTimberExportSarl supply and export the best quality pine timber and wood logs to our customers all over the world. You can send your queries over the phone or via email to us.

Pine Wood: Distribution & Basic Properties

Pine belongs to the Pinaceae botanical family and has over 100 different varieties, most of which can be found north of the Equator. Depending upon location, pine trees can grow to a maximum height of 40 m and different variants may develop different properties.

For instance, the color of summerwood is dark reddish, while that of springwood is light.

As a softwood, pinewood is not very hard and has a medium weight. However, the wood has good strength, durability and elasticity. The summerwood is relatively harder and heavier compared to other variants. The wood can be sometimes prone to a fungal infection that may lead to blue staining because of the natural moisture content of pinewood.

Color & Appearance: Color-wise, the Pine heartwood and sapwood are quite different from each other. While the heartwood is reddish-yellow that darkens with age, the sapwood is yellowish or reddish-white.

Texture: The pinewood may have a striped or wavy grain, depending on how the wood is cut. It has a medium texture and closed grain, which makes it easier to work compared to most hardwoods.

Resistance: As a softwood that is not very strong, pine has no natural resistance to decay and rot, but it is often pressure treated to increase its durability, especially rot and insect resistance for outdoor projects.

Other physical and mechanical properties of Pine timber

  • Pine tree height: 20 – 40 m
  • Average tree life: 300 – 500 years
  • Texture: Monotonous
  • Average humidity: 112% (sapwood) and 33% (core)
  • Shrinkage: 6.7% (at standard humidity of 12%)
  • Average density: 505 kg / cu.
  • Strength tensile:
    • In static bending – 70 – 92 MPa;
    • In compression parallel to grain – 40 – 49 MPa;
    • In tension along the fibers – 100 – 116 MPa;
    • When shearing along the tangential plane – 6,6-8,1 MPa.
    • Modulus of elasticity in static bending – 8.0 – 13.1 GPa.
    • Impact strength – 28 – 51 kJ / sq.
    • Hardness:
      • End – 28 – 33 N / mm;
      • Radial – 21-25 N / mm;
      • End – 16 – 23 N / mm.

Pine Timber Availability and Price

Even though Pine is an easily available softwood that costs lower compared to many high-end timber species, both the price and demand of pine have increased significantly in the past few years. The good news is that it’s still not been added to the IUCN red list of threatened timber species, which means it’s easy to buy pine for both personal and commercial uses.

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Primary Uses of Pine Wood

Pinewood is easy to work with both hand and machine. It can be easily cut, sliced, peeled, nailed, screwed, planed and glued. The surfaces of pine are easy to finish.

It can be used across a variety of wood projects and as an affordable alternative to many high-end species. Some of the common applications of pine include buildings and construction, pine furniture, flooring, outdoor projects, interior finishing, windows and facade panelling, manufacturing composite wood materials, masts and poles, wood and paper pulp, veneering, etc.

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How to Buy Pine Timber & Wood Logs Online (At the Best Price)

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