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Azobe Wood: Properties, Uses & How to Buy

Azobe or Ekki is an exotic hardwood species that is both hard and durable. It is found exclusively in West Africa. Here’s everything you should know about Azobe wood, including properties, price and common uses of Azobe and how to buy top quality Azobe wood at the best price online.

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Azobe Wood Properties & Uses

Azobe is a hardwood. The tree of Azobe can be found in West Africa and has a height of about 100-150 ft and a trunk diameter of 5-6 ft. Their wood is extremely hard.

Azobe heartwood has a dark reddish brown colour, with small light-colored streaks all over its body. Sapwood is thin and easily distinguishable in its pale pinkish white colour. Azobe wood has a severely interlocked grain, which makes it a very hard and dense wood. The texture is coarse.

Because of its extreme hardness, Azobe is rated as very durable and has great resistance against rot, insects and moisture. Because of its high density and interlocked grain, Azobe is rather difficult to work with, Tearouts and blunting effects are common. It is particularly difficult to work with when in dry form, which is why it must be used before allowing it to dry. Nailing and screwing is difficult and holes need to be pre-bored.

Common uses of Azobe wood include boatbuilding, bridges, decking, flooring, sleepers, hydraulic works, stakes, poles, stairs, heavy flooring, carpentry, and marine (water) applications.

Azobe is primarily available in West African countries and is exported all over the world. It is in the IUCN Red List because the total global population of Azobe has reduced by more than 20% in the last few decades. However, it is available through import in Europe and many other parts of the world for a mid to high price range.

How and Where to Buy Azobe Wood (Ekki)

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