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Balsa Wood – Characteristics, Uses and How to Buy

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Balsa Wood – What Is It? Properties? What Is Balsa Wood Used For? Is Balsa Hardwood?

Balsa or Ochroma pyramidale is a tropical hardwood sourced primarily from America. It has a pale reddish brown heartwood and white sapwood. Because Balsa is rather soft for a hardwood, it is not extensively used in commercial lumber. However, sapwood is commonly used for boards/blocks in woodworking. Balsa has a straight grain. The wood is not at all durable and can be attacked by insects. It’s quite easy to work with and glues, stains and finishes well.

Balsa Wood Characteristics

  • It’s a light and soft hardwood timber.
  • very efficient insulation against heat and sound
  • Colour ranges from white to oatmeal, wood has a silky lustre.
  • Density is in the range of 120-220 kgm3.
  • Low strength and stiffness
  • No termite resistance
  • Susceptible to borer attacks
  • Low moisture resistance
  • Extremely low durability
  • A high degree of buoyancy
  • coarse and even texture
  • Straight grain
  • native to tropical South and Central America
  • Fast growing trees with a short lifespan of up to 12-15 years
  • weakest of all commercial wood species
  • Trees height up to 21m and diameter up to 0.5m

Common uses of Balsa wood include rafts, surfboards, laboratory mounting boards, musical instruments, buoys, fish net floats, model aircraft, packing, etc.

How To Buy Balsa Lumber?

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Balsa is not the hardest of hardwoods. It is very soft and not very useful as a standard hardwood. If you need help selecting the right hardwood for your project, feel free to connect with us over the phone or email.
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