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An American wood found most commonly in eastern North America. Despite being a hardwood species, it is rather soft and was traditionally used for making rugs, ropes, and bandages. The Basswood tree can be easily identified by its extra-large leaves. Also known as American Basswood lumber, this wood is most suitable for wood carving because of its soft texture and outstanding workability. It is one of the common commercial timbers in America and Europe.


About Basswood

It is an American hardwood native to Eastern North America. The trees are about 65-120 ft (20-37 m) tall and have a 3-4 ft (1-1.2 m) trunk diameter. The lumber is very light with an Average Dried Weight of 415 kg/m3. It is also quite soft with a Janka hardness rating of only 410 lbf.

The heartwood is a pale white or light brown color. Sapwood can be lighter or not. The surface is usually very clear without knots and other defects. Basswood has a straight grain and a fine texture. It is a non-durable lumber and is prone to damage by moisture. It is extremely easy to work with due to its straight grain and low hardness. Hand carving results are superb, but it doesn’t respond well to steam bending. It glues and finishes well but has poor nail-holding capabilities.

The price of basswood lumber can range between low to moderate depending on availability. Carving blanks are commonly available. The applications includes carvings, veneers, plywood, lumber, wood pulp, fibre products, and musical instruments like electric guitars.

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