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Beech Wood Data Sheet


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About Beech Wood

Beech is a hard, highly dense and strong wood that is grown in many countries around the world. European beech and American beech are two of the most popular wood species. Beech trees are about 100-130 ft tall with a 3-5 ft trunk diameter. The logs produced from these trees are long and suitable for a variety of purposes.

American beech is pale cream in color and has a straight grain with a fine, uniform texture. Beech is poorly resistant to insect attack and is not very durable. However, it’s very hard and strong and therefore suitable for a range of purposes, including furniture, flooring, veneer, railroad ties, turned objects, crates, musical instruments, etc. It is generally easy to work with and glues, finishes, nails, and turns well. It is available in plenty and at affordable prices.

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