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Elm, which is considered a soft hardwood due to its moderate hardness, has many species, which are divided between hard and soft elm based on their hardness and density. English Elm, American Elm, and Red Elm are examples of soft elms, while Rock Elm and Cedar Elm are the types of hard elm.

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About Elm Wood

The major species of HARD ELM include Winged Elm, Cedar Elm, and Rock Elm. The main types of SOFT ELM include American Elm, Wych Elm, English Elm, Red Elm, and Dutch Elm wood.

Rock Elm, which is the hardest type of Elm, is native to the Midwestern United States. It is very hard (1,320 lbf Janka rating) and heavy (755 kg/m3 avg. dried weight). The light to medium brown heartwood features darker lines or rays. The grain is interlocked and very difficult to split. The texture is uneven and coarse. The wood is non-durable in terms of resistance to insects. It’s also difficult to work with due to its hardness and interlocked grain. The price is moderate due to good availability. Applications range from furniture to boxes, baskets, veneers, paper, and hockey sticks.

English Elm is comparatively softer. It has the same light reddish-brown hue with well-defined burls. The interlocked grain can make working difficult. The non-durable wood is prone to insect attack. It’s used for making sports equipment among other things.

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