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Eucalyptus wood logs in top quality and at the best price are available now. All woods are freshly cut and safely stored in the company warehouse. We have both processed and unprocessed Eucalyptus wood logs and can deliver to your location anywhere in the world. We accept both small and large wood orders. Contact us today to enquire about our prices and availability or to place your order now.

About Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus comes in two major species, which are commonly used in combination to form a stronger, better timber. The wood is considered strong but is only moderately durable. It has decent resistance to decay but can be damaged by insects if not treated properly. The timber looks really beautiful with its pink brownish color that darkens with age. Eucalyptus has textured grain and is rather easy to work with.

It is extensively used in flooring, interior, basic furniture, speciality items, toys and turned objects. Other uses include joinery, sliced veneer, decking, beams, benchtops, etc. Freshly cut wood is unstable and has a high moisture content and must be kiln-dried before use.

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