Hemlock Wood

Hemlock, which is a popular commercial softwood, is native to Eastern North American regions of Maine, Minnesota, northern Georgia, and Alabama and is also found in some parts of eastern Canada. The softwood is moderately strong, light-colored with a straight or interlocked grain, and almost non-durable. It is moderately easy to work with and is commonly used for making boxes, pallets, plywood, crates, frames, and other basic construction.

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About Hemlock Wood

Eastern Hemlock is a softwood found mainly in Eastern North America and some parts of Canada. It is primarily used for its lumber, which is moderately soft and makes a good choice for building pallets and boxes, among other things. Due to ample availability and low price, it’s a popular choice in the construction industry and is also used for making plywood. Another popular variant, Western Hemlock, is found on the Northwest coast of North America and shares similar properties.

Hemlock trees (coniferous) are about 65-100 ft (30 m) tall with a 2-3 ft (.6-1 m) trunk diameter. The average dried weight of the wood is 450 kg/m3, which makes it moderately heavy. The Janka rating of 500 lbf makes it softer than most hardwoods. The heartwood of Hemlock is light reddish brown and generally shows attractive grain patterns on sawn surfaces. The grain is usually straight, but sometimes interlocked and the texture is coarse and uneven. The wood is non-durable and prone to damage by decay and insects. It is good to work with but may splinter.

Eastern Hemlock is available in good supply and is moderately priced.

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