Jatoba Timber / Brazilian Cherry

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Jatoba Timber Data Sheet


Jatoba, also called Brazilian Cherry, is a popular hardwood that grows in South America, Central America and the West Indies. You can now buy the best quality Jatoba timber locally from your neighbourhood CameroonTimberExportSarl supplier wherever you are in the world. We are a global timber exporter and supplier and have dealers in many countries who can instantly fulfil your timber needs with prompt delivery and a 100% quality guarantee. We deliver to all major countries and cities, including but not limited to Australia, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and others.

About Jatoba Timber

The timber is obtained from Jatoba trees. The tree is about 100-130 ft tall and has a 2-4 ft trunk diameter. The timber is known for its hardness and has been rated as very durable and is resistant to rot, termites and other insects. Though it can be prone to marine borers attack. The wood has a light orangish brown heartwood and light yellow sapwood. The timber is salmon red to orange-brown and has dark brown streaks on it. The wood color gets darker with age and exposure to the sun. Grain is interlocked and texture is medium to coarse. Because it is very hard, this wood specie is considered difficult to work with, cut and plane. However, it glues, stains and finishes well and is also easy to turn.

Jatoba Timber/Brazilian Cherry  is used in a variety of applications ranging from flooring to furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, tool handles, shipbuilding, and others. It is easily available and is generally inexpensive.

We have Jatoba timber wood available in all standard sizes and widths and can export to your doorstep in any of the listed countries. We take full guarantee of the quality and price of our timber. Contact us today to know more or place your order now.