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We have poplar wood of the best quality and available in a large variety of dimensions and sizes. You can buy premium grade poplar wood logs at reasonable rates with guaranteed quality assurance from CameroonTimberExportSarl. Our woods are all locally produced and harvested in a sustainable manner.

About  Poplar Wood Logs

Poplar logs are produced from poplar trees, which have a height of about 130-160 ft and an average trunk diameter of 6-8 ft. The outer part of logs, i.e. sapwood is pale yellow or white, the heartwood, however, is light cream to yellowish-brown. It has a straight, uniform grain and is typically easy to work with. It’s hardwood but not very strong. It glues, sands and finishes well. In terms of durability, poplar is rated as average to poor and the wood has poor resistance to insect attacks. However, the low price tag of poplar makes it a popular alternative to other high-priced hardwoods for utility works.

Poplar logs are commonly used for burning, paper & pulpwood, low-quality furniture, timber making, veneer, pallets, crates, plywood, and others.

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No matter where you are in the world, we can deliver top-quality popular wood logs to your location. We ship to all major countries throughout Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and more. Moreover, we take full guarantee of the price and quality of our wood.

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