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It is also known as Coast Redwood or Sequoia, is a softwood with a low hardness rating but incredible strength and durability. The brown-reddish heartwood is famous for its unique appearance and excellent physical strength, which make it suitable for a range of woodworking applications, from exterior furniture to construction lumber and musical instruments.

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About Redwood Lumber

Despite being a softwood, it is extremely strong and very durable in terms of resistance to decay and moisture, which is why it is commonly used for building exterior furniture and decking.

The trees are among the tallest in the world. Some trees can reach up to a height of 400 feet. Native to the northwestern United States, this tropical timber is strong but lightweight (415 kg/m3 avg. dried weight) and generally very easy to work with. It’s also very stable and not much affected by seasonal changes. The timber shows good durability against decay. The heartwood, which is pinkish brown or dark reddish brown, sometimes has Curly figure patterns or Redwood burl. The grain is straight and the texture is coarse. The price can be moderate to expensive depending on availability in your location. Contact us for the best price for Redwood. It is commonly used in exterior applications like furniture, beams, construction, posts, and decking. Other uses include veneer, trim, turning, and musical instruments.

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