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Samanea Saman Wood

Samanea saman is a hardwood that is also known by the regional names of Raintree and Monkeypod. It’s a highly durable wood with outstanding resistance to decay and insect attacks.

Saman trees primarily grow in Central and South America but can also be found in other tropical regions around the world. They are about 100-125 ft tall with a 3-4 ft trunk diameter.

The saman wood color is golden to dark brown and may also have darker streaks. The wood has straight but sometimes wavy or interlocked grain and medium to coarse texture.

Because Monkeypod is highly durable and inexpensive, it is high in demand. Popular uses of the wood include veneer, plywood, carving, musical instruments, millwork, cabinetry, furniture, and specialty wood items.

Monkeypod wood is quite easy to work with and glues and finishes well.

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