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Wood chips are small or mid-sized wood pieces that are formed by cutting wood slabs or logs into smaller pieces generally using a machine called a wood chipper.  The chips are used for a variety of purposes ranging from wooden pulp to biomass fuel, organic mulch, playground surfacing, bioreactor and others.

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How To Buy Wood Chips?

The quality of wood chip depends on a number of things, including the type of chips and how they are made. Some of the common types include forest chips made from lumber coming from forested areas, sawing residue chips made from lumber residues coming from sawmills, wood residue chips made from recycled or untreated wood residues, and short rotation forestry chips.

Basically, wood chip can be produced from any kind of wood of any tree. However, the quality of  chips will greatly depend on the type of lumber used. Softwoods are generally less dense and grow faster, which makes them the first choice for making chips.

They are used for a variety of purposes ranging from wood pulp, mulch, playground surfacing, barbecuing, bioreactor, and fuel. Common sources for wooden chips include cedar, pine, cypress, spruce, straw, etc.

Where to Buy Top Quality Wood Chip From?

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