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Top Timber Wood Supplier Oman

CameroonTimberExport is the top supplier of wood and timber to Muscat, Seeb, Salalah Bawshar, Sohar, As Suwayq, Ibri and other major cities in Oman.

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    Best Timber wood supplier and Distributor in Oman

    For projects requiring wood and timber, CameroonTimbearExport supplies a variety; Offering our clients top-of-the-line materials that will get the job done. CameroonTimberExport is a Cameroon (Central Africa) owned and registered wood and timber supplier company that exports high quality African raw wood timber to businesses, wood product manufacturers, contractors, and merchants in Oman.

    If you are looking for top wood timber supplier in Oman, then CameroonTimberExportSarl is the best choice for you as it supplies all types of wood including Hardwood (African hardwood, teak wood, etc), Plywood and Lumber, which is used by local businesses in their construction and manufacturing projects.

    We look forward to your inquiries, and hope that you will give us the opportunity to supply your wood and timber now and in the future. Contact us for more information about wood and timber.

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    Established in 1994, CameroonTimberExportSarl is the leading wood and timber supplier in Oman. It exports top quality African raw woods and timber to most regions around the world. Top four cities In Oman that get the major supply from us are mentioned below.


    Timber Wood Supplier in Muscat

    CameroonTimberExportSarl is the top exporter of the best quality African Timber/ Wood in Muscat City. We regularly supply wood to the furniture manufacturers and traders in the region.


    Top Wood Supplier in Seeb

    We have been catering to the raw wood and timber related needs of city based businesses and furniture manufacturers for years. Here we deliver a variety of raw woods.

    Best Raw Wood Supplier in Salalah

    We are a market leader in supplying top quality wood products and wood logs with delivery to all major locations in Salalah city of Oman.

    Timber Wood Supplier in Bawshar

    We are delivering top grade timber logs and lumber to manufacturers, builders and contractors in the city of Bawashar as per their requirements of custom African raw wood species.


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    Types Of Wood We Supply In Oman

    Timber Merchants & other importers in Oman mostly demand the following types of wood that are most commonly used by people and woodworkers in the country.

    Iroko Wood

    We supply our fresh sawn timber and round logs to many countries around the world, including Oman and other
    Asian countries.

    Pine Wood

    The durable nature of pinewood makes it the first choice for furniture making and flooring. We export quality Pine Wood to furniture manufacturers in Oman.

    Teak wood

    Primarily used for making outdoor furniture, boat decks and flooring. Teak wood is highly sought wood type and we produce and supply it to top cities in Oman and other countries.

    Eucalyptus Timber

    We supply eucalyptus, which is one of the most popular timber for manufacturing outdoor furniture, at a very affordable rate to woodworkers and furniture manufacturers in Oman.

    Cedar Timber

    CameroonTimberExportSarl is a leading supplier of Cedar timber in Oman, which is used to make home furnishings, plywood and artificial wood items.

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