Wood Processing Services at Cameroon Timber Export

wood processing at cameroon timber export

As a leading wood processing company, CameroonTimberExport provides proven, emphatic solutions for processing wood. We can provide services for all wood species, in all climates, and for various forest industries.

CameroonTimberExport is a global supplier of wood processing solutions for the panelboard, pulp and paper, and renewable energy industries. CameroonTimberExport can process all types of wood species, chip, and biomass plants effectively from the receiving of logs to their further preparation into wood chips. These chips are ready to be used in kraft and mechanical pulp production lines.  Additionally, the technology can be used for the biomass processing used in energy production.

Wood Processing Plants with Modern Technology

Our company has modern wood processing plants and equipment located in various places. Our plants with up to date technology are built for producing top-quality chips or biomass according to the requirements. The combination helps us to minimize labor costs, environmental load, energy costs, wood losses, and maintenance requirements, which not only makes the wood processing very affordable but also keeps the overall process very smooth. Our Modern plants also allow us to deliver the best result on-time and on-budget.

Specific equipment to Complete System – CameroonTimberExport has the solution

From complete plant to individual equipment delivery, CameroonTimberExport provides complete solutions for biomass handling and processing. We are well experienced in managing projects, ensuring on-time on-budget deliveries,  and produce excellent economic results.

You will find us suitable for all types of wood processing – whole trees, wood chips, short wood, or woody biomass.  CameroonTimberExport has experience in processing various softwoods, hardwoods and residual wood products.

Cameroon Timber Export delivers services and equipment for receiving, screening, debarking, crushing, chipping, reclaiming, storing, and handling by-products or waste streams.  Our equipment and products include conveyors, woodyard portal cranes, debarking drums, chip screens, chippers, bark shredders, screw reclaimers, pre-steaming bins, bark presses, biomass crushers, and also grinder chargers.

Wood processing expertise from CameroonTimberExport

  • Pulpwood processing (cold and warm climate)
  • Groundwood processing
  • Eucalyptus and tropical hardwoods Processing
  • Chip and bark processing
  • Wood processing (panelboard industry)
  • Biomass processing and handling.

Processes and technologies available at CameroonTimberExport

  • Wood receiving and conveying
  • LogPorter log handling cranes
  • Debarking
  • Chipping
  • Drum discharge – chipper infeed
  • Chip screening
  • Chip storage equipment 
  • Bark processing
  • Chip reclaiming
  • Chip pre-steaming

Looking for Top Quality wood Processing service provider? Let’s  Discuss. Because we at CameroonTimberExport are dedicated to delivering the highest quality Wood Processing service with a 100% quality and efficiency guarantee.