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CameroonTimberExportSARL, a family-owned timber company based in Cameroon, brings you top-quality timber in Pakistan. Whether you're a business looking for timber for trade or an individual with woodworking projects, we are your go-to source for the best timber deals in Pakistan.

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    Top-rated Timber Supplier, Seller & Exporter in Pakistan

    We take pride in being recognized as Pakistan's leading and highly trusted timber supplier, distributor, and exporter. Specialising in selling premium, sustainable hardwood timber at wholesale prices nationwide, we have built a strong presence with dealers and customers in major Pakistani cities. Our reputation as the most trusted wood supplier for African hardwoods in Pakistan has been established over the years.

    Our customer base is quite diverse, including wood merchants, dealers, and individuals all over Pakistan. Offering over 40 species of hardwoods, we cater to clients of all types and sizes, accepting both big and small orders. Wholesale orders enjoy special prices and discounts, making CameroonTimberExportSARL the preferred choice for those seeking top-quality wood at competitive rates. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to nationwide shipping, ensuring that no matter where you are in Pakistan, we can deliver wood directly to your doorstep.

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    Cameroon Timber Export SARL Best Destination to Buy Wood in Pakistan

    For over 30 years, CameroonTimberExportSARL has been a top exporter of hardwoods globally. Our extensive reach ensures we cover multiple locations throughout Pakistan, allowing us to provide doorstep delivery in all major cities of the country.

    Wood Supplier in Karachi

    In Karachi, we stand out as a leading lumber supplier, delivering a diverse range of wood species. Whether you're interested in popular species like teak or mahogany, or more unique options, we guarantee the best prices and reliable service.


    Buy Timber in Lahore

    In Lahore, we are a highly trusted timber exporter, assuring top-quality and fair pricing for wood delivered to any location in the city. Contact us to enquire about price and availability.

    Timber Wholesaler in Islamabad

    If you're in Islamabad and searching for quality hardwood timber at wholesale prices, our online platform, CameroonTimberExport.com, makes the ordering process seamless. Visit now!


    Buy Wood Online in Multan

    In Multan, we've expanded our services to offer premium quality wood timber in all popular hardwood species, providing wholesale prices and convenient doorstep delivery.


    Finest Quality Timber & Wood Logs Available And Ready For Export!

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    Cameroon Timber Export SARL - Choose From A Large Variety of Wood

    Explore our extensive range of wood products, including hardwood timber, logs, slabs, plywood, lumber, flooring, decking, veneers, and semi-finished timber products, available in over 40 popular hardwood and softwood species. Get doorstep delivery for timber across Pakistan.


    Find and purchase premium walnut wood, logs, slabs, and plywood sourced from sustainable forests, available in custom sizes and dimensions.


    Purchase Teak lumber for personal use or resale at wholesale prices, with guaranteed best quality and home delivery anywhere in Pakistan.


    Our high-quality ashwood, timber, and logs sourced from sustainable plantations in Africa are available at the most competitive prices for your project.


    Buy Dabema timber directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices, with convenient online ordering and delivery to your doorstep in Pakistan.


    As a leading Iroko wood and timber supplier in Pakistan, we sell top-grade wood with fast and secure delivery to your designated location within days.

    Other Wood Products

    Want to buy other wood products or related products such as in-shell walnuts, wooden kennels and more? Visit our website Cameroontimberexport.com for the best offers.

    To Initiate Your Wood Purchase, Contact us Via Phone Or Email At


    support@cameroontimberexport.com. Remember to specify your project requisites, including dimensions and lumber sizes. Trust the top timber wholesaler in Pakistan for all your high-quality and cost-effective wood requirements.

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