African Hardwood Slabs

Looking to buy the best quality African Hardwood slabs at cheap prices? Contact CameroonTimberExportSarl for all your hardwood needs. We are the only genuine and reputed seller & exporter of top-quality African hardwood slabs in all leading species including Bubinga, Sapele, Padouk, Mahogany, Iroko, Tali, Ekop Beli, and Ekop Naga.

At CameroonTimberExportSarl, you can order live edge wood slabs in a large variety of wood species and in any custom length, width or sickness you want. Make sure to select your preferred wood slab species, length, width and thickness while placing your order.

Our wood slabs are ideal for making desktops, tabletops, coffee tables, wall arts, conference tables, kitchen islands, bar tops, nightstands, doors, benches, end tables, stools, dining tables, and gathering tables. Basically, they’ll look beautiful across any and all fine furniture making projects you want to use them for.

As one of the largest producers & exporters of African wood in the world, we also dominate the market in terms of selling the best quality live-edge wood slabs at the cheapest prices. We cut all the hardwood at our own mill and prepare slabs in the predefined structure, sizes and shapes while maintaining its quality. Also, all our slabs are kiln-dried to ensure maximum robustness and stability. We sell and export hardwood slabs directly to our customers all over the world at the best rates.

We at CameroonTimberExportSarl follow strictly sustainable wood harvesting practices. All the wood slabs for sale provided by us come from our local forests, which are harvested in line with regional sustainability guidelines and with a focus on replantation.

If you have questions or want to buy African hardwood slabs from CameroonTimberExportSarl, call us at +237 683 37 5541 or drop an email to