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Now buy the best premium Tali hardwood slabs directly from the manufacturer CameroonTimberExportSarl and at the best price with delivery to all major countries in the world.

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Buy the best, premium-quality Tali wood slabs at the lowest price online from CameroonTimberExportSarl – Africa’s leading supplier & exporter of top-grade timber and wood slabs. We have our own wood farms located all around Cameroon and privately harvest and cut wood at the company mill located in Douala. All the wood slabs are kiln dried and safely exported to our clients all over the world. To know more about our wood varieties and quality, please contact us.

Tali is a hardwood with origin in Central and West Africa. The heartwood is yellowish brown to red in color and may darken with age and exposure. The wood is easy to cut and work with. It finishes well and looks beautiful wherever it is used. It is highly durable and has excellent resistance and stability qualities, which make it ideal for external use. The common applications of tali slabs include outdoor flooring, furniture, joinery, railway sleepers, turnings, dock work, and construction of bridges. Depending on the quality and source, the tali wood can have moderate to very high density.

If you are looking to buy the best quality Tali wood slabs at reasonable rates with availability to your location, we won’t disappoint you. Since we cut and process all the wood at our own mill and use skilled workers, we can guarantee the quality of our wood slabs. Moreover, we provide tali slabs at wholesale rates and currently deliver in all major locations across the Middle East, UAE, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Australia. To enquire about delivery at your location, feel free to Whatsapp or email us.

Tali is the best wood for a range of woodworking projects. Tali slabs particularly give a beautiful look when used for outdoor furniture and flooring and last a very long time. Whether you are a woodworker, a builder or a dealer, we can guarantee the best prices for tali hardwood slabs anywhere in the world. Also, we provide shipping to worldwide locations and also take care of customs.

To know more about the delivery estimate, price, quality and specifications of our Tali hardwood slabs, feel free to call our sales team at +237 671 77 6559 or drop an email to info@cameroontimberexport.com.