timber sales guide

Timber Sales Guide for Landowners: How to Get the Best Price for Your Timber

March 31, 2021

So, you are done growing timber on your land and are now ready to reap the rewards of years of hard work. But, how do you ensure to get the best or value for your timber sales? Having a brief knowledge of the timber sale process might help. We at CameroonTimberExportSarl help new timber businesses …

timber harvesting process

How Timber Harvesting Process Takes Place at Cameroontimberexportsarl

March 24, 2021

Many people who are not aware of the timber harvesting process might have questions like how is harvesting done or what people are involved in the process and how is timber valued for harvesting, etc. We’ll try to answer some of these questions here. At CameroonTimberExportSarl, we use an advanced harvesting process that leaves our …

key reasons for increasing lumber prices

Why Are Lumber Prices Increasing Constantly? Where to Buy Timber Cheap?

March 19, 2021

As a woodworker or regular buyer of timber/lumber, you must have noticed that lumber prices are constantly increasing. In fact, the price of timber in some regions has nearly doubled in the past couple of years. One obvious reason for this is the depleting supply of wood (forest strength) in most parts of the world. …

Sustainable Wood Development

Sustainable Wood Export and Development Practices – CameroonTimberExportSarl

March 16, 2021

All our wood harvesting, processing and supplying practices here at CameroonTimberExportSarl are based on the concept of Sustainable Development, which refers to economic development without harming the nature of the environment. Our woodworkers are hard-working individuals who are also very careful about protecting the environment while performing their duties. We at CameroonTimberExportSarl take every precaution …

buy wood directly form supplier

How to Buy Best Quality Wood Directly from a Wood Supplier

March 12, 2021

If you are a professional woodworker or retailer, you must know that the most profitable way to buy wood is straight from the supplier rather than a dealer or your local shop. When buying wood directly from the wholesale supplier, you won’t only get the best price but also may get better options to choose …

where to find cheap lumber

Where to Find Best Quality Cheap Lumber in Africa?

March 9, 2021

That’s a million-dollar question. And one with not an easy answer. Have you ever imagined if you could find a way to get cheap lumber for your woodworking business? It would probably solve a lot of problems and certainly increase your profits. When looking for a way to find and buy cheap lumber/timber in Africa, …

best types of wood for woodworking

Best Types of Wood for Woodworking

March 5, 2021

When you are looking to select the best types of wood for woodworking project, it’s also important to choose the right type. Wood can be broadly categorized into two types – softwood and hardwood. Irrespective of their names, softwood and hardwood have some significant differences, which you can find here. True to their name, hardwoods …

what is blockboard

What is Blockboard? Types and Manufacturing Process of Block Board

February 19, 2021

Blockboard is a widely used form of engineering plywood that is made by sandwiching the core of softwood strips between layers of wooden veneer. The block board with a single veneer on both sides of softwood is usually called a 3-ply. These plywoods are generally used for making objects like tables & benches, beds, bookshelves, …

Africa's Biggest Timber Exporter Countries

Africa’s Biggest Timber Exporter Countries

February 10, 2021

Africa is one of the world’s largest exporters of timber and wood logs. In 2020 alone, the continent exported $3.4 billion worth of timber. Gabon, Cameroon, etc. are some of the leading African wood exporter countries. If you are here, you probably want to know about the top African countries that export the most timber …

What is Okoume?

Okoume Plywood Properties, Uses and Best Place to Buy

February 4, 2021

If you want to know everything about what is Okoume plywood, how can we use it and the best place to buy it then you are in the perfect place. What is Okoume? Okoume is a well-known wood species that is commonly found in Central Africa and some other parts of the world. Okoume is …