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Oak is a very popular and widely used hardwood that is known for its high durability, easy workability and great looks. Now, you can order our best Oak wood products online at the guaranteed lowest price and get them delivered to your address anywhere in Europe, North America, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and other regions. Contact us for a free quote.

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About Oak

Oak is a hardwood species that is known for its amazing characteristics and attractiveness. Not only the timber looks really good, especially after staining, but it is also very strong, hard, dense and heavy as well as durable in terms of strong resistance to insect and fungal attacks. As a highly durable wood, Oak is usable for both interior and exterior applications and is also suitable for construction, flooring, furniture making, decking, plywood and veneers.

Oak has more than 600 species distributed all around the world, but the best quality oak is mainly sourced from Europe and North America. White Oak and Red Oak are the two most popular species. White oak is light beige or brownish coloured, while red oak is pinkish-red. Both types of oak are hard and strong and feature a unique grain pattern, making them easy to recognise. Oak is generally easy to work with. The high BTU content makes it easy to burn.

Oak is versatile enough to be used in both traditional and modern applications. Some of the common uses of oak wood include furniture, cabinets, flooring, decking, veneers, wine caskets, boatbuilding, kitchen utensils, and barrels.

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