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We cut our locally grown and harvested trees at our own mill to produce some of the best quality Iroko slabs in custom width and length that you can buy online from



Are you looking for the best place to buy top-grade African Iroko slabs? Welcome to CameroonTimberExportSarl. We are a leading supplier & exporter of African hardwood slabs in over 20 species, including Iroko. We ship our Iroko timber and slabs to many countries in African, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Our sawn hardwood slabs are available in custom sizes and cut to fit your specific project requirements. Contact us today to know more about the availability, size, price and specifications of our Iroko wood slabs.

Iroko is a hardwood found mostly in tropical Africa and generally used as a cheaper alternative to Teak, having similar properties including durability. Iroko heartwood is usually yellow or medium brown in color, while sapwood has a pale yellow color. Iroko is highly durable and has decent rot & insect resistance, which makes it ideal for a range of woodworking projects including outdoor furniture. Other possible uses include flooring, veneer, boatbuilding, cabinetry, turned items, etc. Its price is low to moderate compared to Teak and other costly options.

CameroonTimberExportSarl is the largest supplier of African wood logs, timber and slabs in Cameroon. We are also one of the oldest manufacturers & exporters of timber in this region of Africa. We have our own mill in Douala, Cameroon, where hundreds of board feet of timber are processed per day and exported to our customers worldwide. Our Iroko wood slabs are sawn and cut to size by expert woodworkers in our local mill. Also, we provide wood drying, processing, harvesting and transportation services to our customers located worldwide.

We provide wood slabs in both rough and planed variants. Also, our iroko wood slabs are cut to size and come in a variety of measurements. Our rough-sawn iroko slabs are machine-ready and can be easily shaped to your requirements. Planed iroko hardwood slabs are the ones that have been machined on the edges, making them suitable to be used as it is for tabletops, doors, flooring, sofa and other woodworking projects.

For all your wood slabs requirements, you can contact us through our website. For enquiries about wood species, quality, measurements and price, feel free to reach us via call or Whatsapp at +237 671 77 6559 or drop an email to