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Willow is a hardwood known for its lightweight and natural shock resistance, which is why it is one of the best choices for making tough cricket bats with good resistance to dents. Willow wood is moderately strong for its weight and can be challenging to work with due to its low density. Found in Europe and western and central Asia, Willow is a moderately expensive wood in its native range. The tan brown heartwood is non-durable and is used for making furniture, cricket bats, baskets, crates, carvings, and as a utility wood. Other species in the family include Black Willow, Diamond Willow, and Crack Willow.


About Willow Wood

White Willow, scientific name: Salix alba, is commonly found in Europe and western and central Asia. This economically important tree reaches heights of 65-100 ft (20-30 m) with a trunk diameter of 3-4 ft (1-1.2 m). The wood has an average dried weight of 25 lbs/ft3 (400 kg/m3) and a Janka Hardness of 570 lbf (2,530 N).

The heartwood of Willow has tan to pinkish brown tones, while the sapwood is yellowish white, often not easily distinguished from the heartwood. It has a straight grain and a fine to medium uniform texture. The wood is practically non-durable to perishable and is susceptible to insect attacks.

In terms of workability, Willow shows poor machining characteristics due to its low density, resulting in fuzzy surfaces. Drying can also result in defects. It, however, responds well to glues and finishes. Willow timber serves various applications within its native range, with common uses including the making of baskets, furniture, cricket bats, crates, carvings and speciality wood items. Prices are generally moderate within the wood’s natural range.

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