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Sapele is a popular hardwood used in a variety of woodworking projects ranging from furniture making to veneering, plywood, boatbuilding, cabinetry, flooring, and making musical instruments. It’s native to Tropical Africa, and the Sapele tree grows to about 150 ft in height and with a max trunk diameter of 5 ft. The heartwood of Sapele is golden to dark brown in color and has a wide range of figure patterns, such as ribbon, mottled, quilted, wavy, and others.

Sapele hardwood is categorised as moderate to very durable and has decent insect resistance. The interlocked grains of Sapele make it difficult to work, especially with machines.

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Now, you can explore and buy from our extensive range of top quality Sapele wood slabs in any size or shape you want. We process and finish all wood at our local mill in Douala, Cameroon with complete care and safety while maintaining quality. All wood slabs are kiln dried to ensure there are no insects inside the wood and to provide it maximum stability and strength.

You can choose from a variety of board types (live edge, rough edge, square edge, edge-glued, etc.), grain types (standard, burl, crotch, figured, etc.), and related services such as sanding, finishing, and planing. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of available sizes of width, length and thickness as well as order Sapele hardwood slabs in any custom size you want.

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