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Ash is a popular American hardwood timber that is commonly called White Ash because of its light pale bark. Despite being an inexpensively priced timber, Ash is quite strong and hard, though it is not durable. Ash timber is used in a variety of applications, from flooring and millwork to boxes, crates, tool handles, and baseball bats.

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Ash Timber Data Sheet



White Ash is also called American white ash because it is primarily found in Eastern North America. Fraxinus Americana is the scientific name for ash lumber. The trees are about 20-30 m tall and have a 6-1.5 m trunk diameter. It is heavy in terms of dried weight and has a high Janka rating of 1,320 lbf (5,870 N), which also makes it very hard.

The ash heartwood is light brown while the sapwood is whitish brown or beige and not always distinguishable from the heartwood. The wood texture is medium to coarse and the grain is straight, though the presence of figured timber is not so uncommon. Ash is a non-durable wood with perishable heartwood. It is non-resistant to insect attack but can take decay. Also, white ash timber has amazing shock resistance. Ash is particularly easy to work with both machine and hand tools. It glues, bends (steam bending), finishes, and stains well. Staining ash can make it look similar to oak.

Because ash is easily available and inexpensively priced, it is used in many applications, including the construction of flooring and furniture, millwork, boxes, crates, interior joinery, turned objects such as tool handles, and baseball bats.

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