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Tulipwood or Brazilian Tulipwood is an attractive and strong hardwood lumber with limited availability. The timber is resistant to insects but prone to moisture damage. The beautiful and quite unique color combination makes it attractive to use in a wide range of applications. It is generally very expensive due to low availability and small tree size. Common uses include furniture, veneers, musical instruments, interior intricate designs, and turned items, though it is generally reserved for speciality applications and items.


About Tulipwood

The term ‘Tulipwood’ is used for Brazilian Tulipwood, which is a rosewood in the Dalbergia genus (scientific name: Dalbergia decipularis). Native to Northeastern Brazil, the trees reach a height of 20-30 ft with a trunk diameter under 1 ft (almost a shrub). Weighing an average of 60 lbs/ft3, it boasts an outstanding Janka Hardness of 2,500 lbf. The heartwood displays a prominent blend of yellow, red, orange, and pink hues, often with diverse and unique patterns. The grain tends to be straight with medium-sized open pores.

Though Tulipwood lumber is noted for its stability and low shrinkage rates, it exhibits low decay resistance. It is, however, resistant to insects. Working with this wood can be challenging due to its high density and weight. It can cause a blunting effect on cutters. The presence of natural oils makes it resistant to glueing. Tulipwood turns very well and achieves a notable polish. Its limited availability, usually in the form of small boards, contributes to its relatively high cost. It is commonly used in veneers, fine furniture, inlay, interior marquetry, musical instruments, and speciality items and turned objects.

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