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Alder is a hardwood in the birch family and comes in about 30 species. The tree is common in Northern Hemisphere countries as well as in some parts of Central and South America, particularly at high elevations up to 2,500 metres. It’s a rather soft hardwood, the same as birch, and is commonly used for interior construction, furniture, cabinetry, and carving, among other things.


About Alder Wood

It has around 30 species, including European, Alnus, Grey, Red, Andean, and Nepalese Alder. It’s a soft hardwood with a heartwood color ranging from light tan to reddish brown. It becomes darker with age. Occasional small streaks as large rays can be seen on the grain, which is generally straight. The texture is uniform and moderately fine.

As a hardwood with a soft texture, it is almost non-durable in terms of resistance to decay and insects. But, it is easy to work with and sands, turns, glues, and finishes rather easily, which makes it a preferred choice for woodworkers. The price should be low to moderate depending on availability. It can be prone to denting due to its soft structure. Common uses include light construction, veneering, cabinetry, furniture, plywood, pallets, millwork, pulp, and musical instruments. European Alder is also used as charcoal for gunpowder and to make turned items.

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