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The timber is available in a variety of sizes and dimensions and can also be produced in custom sizes to fit your particular needs and project requirements. Contact us today to enquire about Beech availability, price, quality and other things.

About Beech Timber

Beech wood is available in different species, including European Beech and American Beech. The timber is reddish-brown in color with tiny pores, straight grain and a fine texture. It is generally easy to work with both hand and power tools. It is strong, dense and has excellent bending properties. It nails, stains, glues and polishes well. Beech is not very durable and is prone to insect attack, but can work with preservative treatment. Common uses include veneering, crates/pallets, railroad ties, flooring, furniture, turned objects, musical instruments, and wooden objects.

The good thing is that Beech is easily available at a low price in all parts of the world. Because of its high density and strength, Beech is often used as an affordable alternative to hard maple.

How to Buy Beech Timber in Bulk Online?

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