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Madrone is a premium hardwood found on the Western coast of North America. It’s a scarce and expensive wood sold mostly as burl veneer (Madrone burl), which is commonly used as a decorative veneer. The lumber is commonly used for firewood due to its excellent burning properties. A hard and strong timber, which is particularly known for its burled surface containing many knots and swirls. It is non-durable but easy to work with and turns really well, which makes it suitable for use in turned objects like bowls.


About Madrone Lumber

Madrone or Pacific Madrone is a finely-grained hardwood. The Arbutus menziesii tree, which is native to the Western coast of North America, has a maximum height of 80 ft and an average trunk diameter of 2-3 ft. The lumber has a 1,460 lbf Janka rating and a 795 kg/m3 average dried weight.

The heartwood is cream or pinkish brown and sometimes has dark red spots. The grain is straight and the texture is fine and even. Though Madrone is a non-durable wood, it is extensively used in decorative applications, particularly veneers, and for making turned objects. It’s generally easy to work with but can be difficult to dry. Turning results are extremely good. Due to its rare availability and good demand, madrone wood prices can be quite expensive. Other uses include small speciality items and toys.

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