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Ziricote is considered an exotic hardwood due to high demand and limited availability. A very hard and strong timber, it is also naturally resistant to decay. The medium dark brown heartwood is easily recognizable for its unique appearance and grain patterns that look like spider webs. Found in Central America and Mexico, Ziricote timber is commonly easy to work with and is used for making musical instruments like guitars for its acoustic properties. Other uses include furniture, veneers, turned objects, cabinetry, etc.


About Ziricote Wood

Ziricote, scientific name: Cordia dodecandra, is a hardwood with a unique appearance. Native to Central America and Mexico, the tree reaches heights of 30-65 ft with a trunk diameter of 2-3 ft. With an average weight of 50 lbs/ft3 and an excellent Janka hardness score of 1,970 lbf, it is a hard and heavy wood. Ziricote heartwood color ranges from medium to dark brown, occasionally with green or purple hues. It features a distinct grain pattern resembling a spider’s web.

The grain is mostly straight but can be slightly interlocked and the texture is medium to fine with natural luster. Ziricote is naturally resistant to decay. Despite its density, Ziricote is generally easy to work with, but the drying process can result in end and surface checks. The timber turns and finishes well, and can be glued.

Ziricote is expensive with low availability. Common applications include furniture, veneer, musical instruments, cabinetry, gunstocks, turned items, and small specialty timber projects.

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