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Ash is one of the low-priced and easily available hardwoods that offers good strength characteristics and is often used as a replacement for oak. It has many species, of which white ash is the most popular one. Also known as American white ash, it is light yellowish-brown sometimes with figured patterns.

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About Ash Wood

The average dried weight of ash wood is 675 kg/m3 and it has a high Janka rating of 1,320 lbf (5,870 N), which means the wood is heavy and hard. White Ash is also called American white ash because it is primarily found in Eastern North American regions, including Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, northern Florida, eastern Minnesota, and eastern Texas. Fraxinus Americana is the scientific name for ash wood. The trees are about 20-30 m tall with a 6-1.5 m trunk diameter.

Ash has a light brown heartwood and the sapwood is whitish brown or beige and not clearly distinguishable because of its large width. The texture is medium to coarse and the grain is straight, sometimes curly or figured grain is also present. Ash is a non-durable wood with perishable heartwood. It is not resistant to water or rot and is prone to insect attack but can survive decay. Surprisingly, white ash has incredible shock resistance. It is easy to work with both machine and hand tools. It glues, bends (steam bending), finishes, and stains well. Stained ash looks like oak and is used in furniture.

Ash is easily available and inexpensively priced. Common uses include flooring and furniture, millwork, boxes, crates, interior joinery, turned objects such as tool handles, and baseball bats.

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