Balsa Timber

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We can provide Balsa timber in all required sizes and dimensions and safely deliver it to your location in almost every country in the world. Contact us today to discuss further.

Balsa Timber Data Sheet


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What is Balsa lumber? Is it Strong? What is Balsa Good For?

Balsa is a hardwood found in American jungles. The sawn timber extracted from Balsa trees is not strong or durable. The Balsa sawn lumber has zero resistance to insects. It is commonly referred to as the softest commercial hardwood. It is not commonly seen in commercial uses, but is good for making other specialty things like surfboards, boats, buoys, rafts, musical instruments, model airplanes, packing cases, among others. The wood can be moderately to expensively priced depending on the availability.

How To Order Balsa Timber At a Cheap Price

To place your timber order, you can call us at +237 671 77 6559 or visit our website to send your requirements. We are online 24/7, ready to help you with all your queries. If you want advice or need help choosing the right wood for your project, feel free to call us at any time. Also, be sure to explore our website to know about a large variety of lumber both locally produced (in Africa) and imported and know more about our wood services and products. Buy Balsa wood now!