Laminated Chipboard

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Looking to buy the best quality laminated chipboard for a project? We at CameroonTimberExportSarl sell premium grade chipboard at the best price in the market. We supply and export to all major locations around the world and take full guarantee of the quality and price of our products. Contact us to know more.

Chipboard, also commonly known as particleboard, is an engineered wood board made by pressing wood chips together with a type of glue called Urea Formaldehyde (UF). The UF glue is compressed together with chipboards under high pressure and heat conditions to form a wood panel.

Chipboards made with UF glue are not resistant to moisture and not particularly useful in kitchens and outdoor conditions. For such moisture-intense uses, MUF chipboards are ideal, as they are made with Melamine Urea Formaldehyde glue and are resistant to moisture (but not water).

Laminated chipboards are generally cheaper than solid woods and can be as strong or sometimes stronger. They are easy to use and widely available. Laminated chipboard is made by covering chipboards with a paper-based melamine resin film under high temperature and pressure that form a lamination/film on the chipboard surface.

Chipboard comes in different varieties, each having different properties. High-density chipboards are stronger and more durable than normal chipboards. MUF chipboards are somewhat moisture resistant. Laminated chipboards are even stronger and more durable than regular chipboards. Best of all, they are cheaper than any solid wood and are perfect for any low-cost woodworking project.

Where to Buy Laminated Chipboard From?

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