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Meranti Timber Data Sheet


Meranti is a commercially valuable wood that is primarily grown in Southeast Asia and used worldwide for purposes ranging from veneering to cabinet making, plywood paneling and others. If you are looking for the right place to buy Meranti timber at the best price, you’ve found it. We at CameroonTimberExport manufacture, process and export top quality wood to our customers all over the world, including countries like Australia, the UAE, Iraq, Vietnam, Canada, and the Middle East.

It is a hardwood that is often referred to as Philippine mahogany because of its origins (in Philippines) and resemblance to Mahogany. But, the two wood types are quite different in specifications. Meranti wood itself has several species, all of which share similar appearance and characteristics. The tree can have an average height of 130-140 ft and a trunk diameter of 3-6 ft. The best part is that a fully grown lumber tree is branch-free for about 70-80 ft, which makes it the best for lumber production.

The meranti timber wood color may range from pale pink to reddish-brown. The wood has slightly interlocked grains and is typically easy to work with. Meranti wood is not easy to bend and is usually best for making furniture, plywood, and veneering. It has little or no durability or insect resistance.

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