Yew Wood

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Yew is a softwood that is considered one of the hardest of all softwood species. Its Janka score of 1,520 lbf is proof of how hard this wood is. Moreover, the wood is considered very durable in terms of resistance to decay and insect attack. Despite being a softwood, Yew has physical characteristics similar to many hardwood species. With a fine grain and smooth texture, it is fairly easy to work with. Despite being hard and strong, yew wood is quite flexible and is commonly used for making high-quality archery bows.


About Yew Wood

The European yew wood, scientific name: Taxus baccata, is a hard softwood sourced from a tree indigenous to Europe and Southwest Asia. The yew tree reaches heights of 30-65 ft with a trunk diameter of 3-5 ft. Yew timber, with an average weight of 42.1 lbs/ft3 and a Janka hardness of 1,520 lbf, is among the hardest softwoods. It has a pale yellow or tan sapwood, while the heartwood color varies from orangish brown to a darker brown and gains a purplish tint with age. It has a straight grain and a fine, uniform texture.

Prized for its strength and durability, the European yew can resist decay and most insect attacks. It is generally easy to work with, though knots and grain irregularities can sometimes pose challenges. Commonly used for bows, veneer, furniture, carvings, cabinetry, and musical instruments, yew can be expensive due to its scarcity and low procurement. You can now buy yew softwood timber and logs online from the website.

How to Order Buy Yew Timber timber Online?

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