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Picea abies, also called Norway spruce or European spruce, is a softwood found primarily in northern and central Europe. Now, you can order our best spruce wood products online at the guaranteed lowest price and get them delivered to your address anywhere in Europe, North America, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and many other regions. Contact us for a quote.

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About Spruce Wood

Norway Spruce wood is a softwood that is very famous in many parts of Europe and is commercially used all around the world for a wide range of applications.

Spruce trees are about 35-55m tall and have a 1-1.5m trunk diameter. The average dried weight and Janka rating are quite low, which indicates that the wood is neither very heavy nor hard. Spruce has a creamy white or yellowish colour and a fine, even texture with a straight grain. The colour may darken with exposure to light.

It is practically non-durable and almost non-resistant to decay and insects. Spruce is generally easy to work with because of its low density. Closed pores can make staining a difficult affair, though it is easy to saw, glue, screw, plane and finish, and holds nails well. It is easy to dry.

Spruce is easily available at inexpensive prices. However, certain species or variants such as the Yugoslavian Spruce can be expensive to buy. Spruce is commonly used for paper or pulpwood, Christmas trees, construction, crates, millwork, and some musical instruments.

As an extremely versatile wood, it has many uses in all forms, such as roundwood, timber, veneer, etc. It is widely used in interior works as well as in the building materials industry. CameroonTimberExportSarl sells 100% genuine quality spruce wood at best price in the industry. Call +237 671 77 6559 or order online from our official website.