Quebracho Wood

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Quebracho is an exotic hardwood known for being one of the hardest and heaviest woods out there. The reddish-brown heartwood is very durable and has a natural resistance to insects. Found in the tropical regions of South America, Quebracho wood is considered exotic for its incredible physical strength and rare availability. Due to high demand and low availability, the price is generally moderate to high. Common uses include heavy construction, furniture, railroad cross-ties, fence posts, and turned objects.


About Quebracho

Quebracho, scientific name Schinopsis spp., originates from Tropical South America. The trees generally stand 30-50 ft tall with a trunk diameter of 1-3 ft. Quebracho wood hardness rating is 4,570 lbf and its average dried weight is 77 lbs/ft3.

Its heartwood is a light to medium reddish-brown color, which darkens with time, and also generally has blackish streaks. The wood’s fine, uniform texture and irregular, interlocked grain contribute to its unusual but attractive appearance. Known for its durability, resistance to insects, and excellent weathering characteristics, Quebracho finds applications in a variety of projects ranging from heavy construction and railroad ties to premium furniture and turned items.

Working with Quebracho can be challenging due to its density and irregular grain. The wood dries slowly, with a tendency to crack, check, and warp. The price ranges from medium to high for an imported exotic hardwood. Contact us for more Quebracho wood details or price quotes.

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