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Sheoak is a moderately heavy and hard wood found primarily in Western Australia. It’s a rare and exotic wood mainly used by hobbyists for creative applications. Sheoak flooring and furniture are also not uncommon. It’s a naturally durable wood that is also easy to work with. The reddish-brown heartwood generally has large ray flecks, giving it a unique look. Despite its similar name, Sheoak is not related to oak wood. They both, however, have a similar ray-flecked pattern on flat-sawn and quartersawn surfaces.


About Sheoak Wood

The Western Sheoak or common sheoak originates from Western Australia. The trees reach an average height of 30-50 ft with a 2-3 ft trunk diameter. Its wood, weighing 45.3 lbs/ft3 and boasting a Janka hardness of 1,900 lbf, is strong, durable and resistant to borers.

The heartwood exhibits a unique color ranging from pink to reddish-brown, while the sapwood is a light yellowish-brown. A distinctive lace-like grain pattern is common on flatsawn surfaces. The straight grain with medium to fine texture and moderate luster characterize its overall appearance. Sheoak is particularly praised for its workability due to its straight grain and moderate density.

Found mainly in its native Australian habitat, supply is limited, giving a boost to its price. Commonly used by hobbyists and in speciality applications. Sheoak wood uses include flooring, furniture, turned objects, and small wood items. Contact us for more Sheoak wood details or price quotes.

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