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About Ayous

Ayous, also called Obeche, is a tropical hardwood sourced from Central and West Africa. Ayous is considered an exotic wood because of its attractive looks and colour. Ayous trees are about 20-30m tall and have a 1-1.5m trunk diameter. The wood has a low Janka rating and average dried weight, which means it is not very hard or heavy.

Ayous heartwood is pale yellow and gets darkened with age. The grain is interlocked and the texture is medium to coarse. Ayous is a non-durable wood and has poor resistance to insect and fungal attacks. Ayous is not very hard and is generally easy to work with. It stains, glues, carves, and finishes well.

It is mainly exported as veneer or plywood, though lumber can also be made available on request. It is inexpensive and widely available. Common uses of the Obeche wood include veneer, plywood, furniture, carvings, and interior millwork.

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