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Bamboo isn’t technically wood but is a part of the Poaceae (grass) family. Timber-producing bamboo trees are commonly found in South Asia and are a common source of commercial timber often used as a cost-effective alternative to expensive hardwoods like teak. Depending on the species, bamboo timber can be moderately hard and heavy. The timber is light yellow or white and almost non-durable in terms of resistance to decay and insect attacks. It will start deteriorating within a few years due to attacks by fungi and mold.


About Bamboo Wood

Commercial bamboo timber is obtained from a grass species called giant bamboo Moso. The wood can be harvested only after it is fully matured to ensure the timber is strong enough. Bamboo is split to make timber for commercial use. It is strong, moderately heavy and has basic durability. The best thing about bamboo wood is that it is easily available, inexpensive and easy to work with and maintain. Moreover, bamboo is lighter than many hardwoods, which makes it easy to handle and transport. It is a strong wood and can be used in construction applications as well as for making furniture and other interior items. Other uses of bamboo include flooring, house construction, bridges, roofs, falls, and scaffolding.

Even though it’s not wood, bamboo has many wood-like properties. It looks like wood, is strong and hard and can be turned into a variety of objects ranging from furniture to ladders, fishing rods, and even musical instruments.

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