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Chestnut is an American hardwood found most commonly in the Eastern United States. Despite being a hardwood, Chestnut timber is rather soft with a low hardness rating and weight. However, it’s a very durable wood with excellent resistance to decay. A major portion of America’s chestnut trees was destroyed in the chestnut blight of the 1900s, where the Asian bark fungus reportedly killed over three billion trees. As a result, the availability of chestnut timber has reduced and the price has risen significantly over the years.


About Chestnut Wood

American Chestnut (scientific name: Castanea dentata) is a hardwood native to the Eastern United States. The trees reach heights of 100-120 ft with a trunk diameter of 5-7 ft. However, due to the chestnut blight in the early 1900s, few trees of this size remain now. The wood, with an average dried weight of 30 lbs/ft3, features a light to medium brown heartwood that becomes darker with age. Grain ranges from straight to spiral or interlocked and the texture is coarse and uneven.

Despite being a highly durable wood, the wood is susceptible to some insects and fungi. Working is generally easy, but the wood may split when nailing and screwing. It is commonly used for flooring, rustic furniture, shingles, and reclaimed lumber (made from old wood). Wormy Chestnut is a type of chestnut wood obtained from old trees damaged by insects and reprocessed. The scarcity of healthy, mature trees makes American Chestnut lumber rare and relatively expensive.

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