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There are many species of Larch, of which European Larch and Western Larch are the most common. European Larch is native to Central Europe, while Western Larch is found primarily in Northwestern North America. Despite being a softwood, Larch is quite strong and hard with the Janka score ranging between 740 lbf and 830 lbf. It’s a moderately durable timber that is easy to work with and is used in various applications including plywood, veneer, flooring, paper, construction, particleboard, and boatbuilding.


About Larch Wood

The two popular species of Larch are almost similar in terms of appearance and physical properties. European Larch, also known as Common Larch, is a commercial timber found in Central Europe. Larch trees are about 85-150 ft (25-45 m) tall and have a 2-3 ft (.6-1 m) trunk diameter. The wood is moderately heavy with an average dried weight of 575 kg/m3. It’s quite strong and moderately durable. Both types of Larch show basic resistance to decay and can be used for outdoor applications with proper treatment and care.

European Larch and Western Larch look practically similar, with grain pattern being the only difference. Both types have yellow to medium reddish brown heartwood with exciting grain patterns. While the grain in Western Larch is usually straight, European Larch sometimes depicts a spiralled pattern, which is more common in flatsawn sections. Both have a medium to fine texture. Larch wood is generally easy to work with both hands and machines. The presence of oils in the wood can sometimes create trouble.

Depending on the availability, the price of Larch timber is moderate in native regions. The wood is commonly used for construction, veneer, plywood particleboard, beams, flooring, paper, and outdoor construction.

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