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Black Locust lumber is an American hardwood known to be very strong and hard, often compared with the likes of Hickory for being one of the strongest timber species. It is also very durable in terms of resistance to rot. The yellowish-brown heartwood has a straight grain and a medium texture. The lumber is also resistant to decay and can be used in outdoor applications with a focus on longevity. The price ranges from moderate to low depending on availability. It’s commonly used for boatbuilding, furniture, fences, flooring, veneers, and turned objects.


About Locust Lumber

Black Locust, scientifically known as Robinia pseudoacacia, is a hardwood (deciduous) tree native to the central-eastern United States, also commonly found in temperate regions globally. The average dried weight is 48.0 lbs/ft3 and the tree grows to a height of 65-100 ft with a trunk diameter of 2-3 ft. The wood exhibits a range of colors from light greenish-yellow to dark brown, which darkens with age. It has a straight grain with a medium texture.

Black Locust is a highly durable and weather-resistant wood, which makes it a preferred choice for outdoor applications such as fence posts and boatbuilding. While its density and hardness can make machining difficult, the lumber responds well to lathe turning and steam bending. Prices for the Black Locust timber may vary by location, from moderate within its native range to higher for imported lumber.

Common uses include fence posts, boatbuilding, turned objects, flooring, furniture, railroad ties, and veneer.

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