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As a rare timber species, Sipo timber is not easily available. If you are looking to buy Sipo/Utile wood at the best price online and want assurance of genuine quality wood, contact CameroonTimberExportSarl today to discuss your requirements. We are a top supplier and exporter of sustainably harvested timber in many locations around the world. Whether you are in Canada, Iraq, UAE, Australia or any other country, we can ship our premium quality Utile timber to your address with guaranteed on-time delivery.

About Utile Timber

Sipo, with the scientific name of Entandrophragma utile Sprague, is a West and Central African native hardwood that mainly grows in moist deciduous forests. Their felling is limited or banned in many countries. However, you can find a few sources offering sustainably harvested Sipo timber; CameroonTimberExportSarl is one of them.

Sipo has a reddish brown heartwood, which is clearly distinguished from its pale yellow or pinkish sapwood. The wood is average hard and has moderate durability. It may or may not be resistant to insect attacks. The grain is interlocked, which makes working with some machines difficult. But the wood glues, finishes and turns easily. Utile has a fine medium texture and moderate lustre. Drying is moderately easy. It is easy to saw, slice and nail but needs special care when working with machines.

Uses include furniture, construction for houses, beams, flooring, joints, cabinets, turned objects, boatbuilding, veneer and plywood.

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