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Poplar timber, also known as Tulipwood or Tulip poplar, is a hardwood mostly found in the Eastern United States. The Poplar trees go to an average height of about 130-160 ft and have a trunk diameter of 6-8 ft. The wood has a 540 lbf Janka Hardness, which means it’s not very hard or strong. Poplar heartwood is light cream to yellowish-brown in color and may have occasional grey steaks, while the sapwood is a pale yellow to white. The timber usually has a straight, uniform grain and medium texture.

Poplar is rated as moderately durable and has low resistance to insect attacks. It’s generally easy to work with and used in applications ranging from veneer to pallets, crates, paper (pulpwood), furniture frames, and plywood. Poplar is cheap and easily available, which is why it’s quite popular as a utility timber.

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