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Purpleheart, also called amaranth, is a popular American hardwood particularly known for its beautiful appearance and unmatched durability. The wood is commonly available throughout the Americas at low to moderate prices but can be expensive for imported timber. Contact Cameroon Timber Export SARL or visit our website to enquire about the best price for Purple heart lumber. The purplish-brown timber is commonly used for furniture, flooring, boatbuilding, construction and other speciality work.


About Purpleheart Wood

Purpleheart, scientifically known as Peltogyne spp., is a hardwood native to Central and South America, growing from Mexico to southern Brazil. The tree normally reaches heights of 100-170 feet and has a trunk diameter of 3-5 feet. The wood has an average dried weight of 905 kg/m3 and a Janka hardness rating of 2,520 lbf, which makes it extremely hard and heavy. Purpleheart wood is particularly notable for its distinct color and range, from a greyish/purplish brown hue when freshly cut to a darker eggplant purple upon exposure to light and eventually a dark brownish purple after constant exterior exposure.

The wood is extremely hard and durable and is resistant to decay and most insects, though it may be prone to marine borers. Purple heart presents challenges in workability due to its hardness and the release of resin upon heating and requires careful handling when working with tools. The grain, which is usually straight, has a medium texture and natural luster. Generally available in good dimensions in different parts of the United States, it is priced in the low to medium range but can be expensive for imported hardwood.

It is widely used in various applications including inlays, flooring, furniture, boatbuilding, and heavy construction.

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