Best Furniture Wood For Your House in 2021

Best Wood for House Furniture

A house is a reflection of its owner’s preferences and culture. From wall paints to decor and furniture, every single thing is customized in a way that falls in harmony with the owner’s lifestyle and basic choices. After construction when it comes to adorning the house with stylish yet strong furniture, people often find themselves in a confusing state related to which type of furniture wood is best and enduring for their house.

The article is a small endeavor to make readers aware of the benefits, appearance and characteristics of best woods used in the making of the house furniture.

List of 8 Best Furniture Wood To Choose From


The type of wood is acquired basically from regions of the US like Vermont, Great Plains, Louisiana and Texas. The color variants range from white to dark brown and the wood is the hardest and the most enduring of all. It is used in the furniture which requires a lot detailing as the wood carves very well and due to its enduring nature the furniture made out of such woods can be preserved for generations to come. Walnut is a great choice if you are opting for furniture with various carvings and a retro look.


Maple belongs to the genre of hardwoods and is used for heavy furniture like dressing, dining, bed. This is the most affordable of all the hardwood kinds and is an ideal choice when it comes to families with young members. Another quality of this wood is it can easily be polished to look like any expensive wood (like mahogany). Maple comes in cream to reddish-brown colors and has a straight fine grain with the hint of bird’s eye or fiddle back patterns. The wood is acquired basically from Great Lakes Region.

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Mahogany is yet another example of enduring woods which can be preserved for long without any damage to the furniture. Talking about appearance mahogany wood has a fine straight grain and is produced in large boards due to the large size of the trees. Mahogany is found in Mexico, Central and South America but is also grown throughout the Tropics of Africa. African Mahogany is more popular than South American Mahogany. Color differs from pink to pale to reddish-brown and it appears in straight fine grain. Mahogany can be used in big furniture or furniture for guest rooms as it owns an essence of elegance and is great for various woodworks.


Birch is often the first choice for those who opt for simplicity but with modern essence. The wood looks beautiful with blond colors ranging from cream to reddish-brown and clean line grains. Due to its subtle yet attractive appearance, it often embraces the look of modern houses that are less fancy and more sophisticated. Birch is acquired from Northeast and Great Lakes regions and along the Appalachians. This furniture wood is durable and can be used with innovative woodwork.


Oak is one of the hardwood kinds and so it is a wise choice when it comes to making durable furniture. The quality which attracts the most is its nature of adapting to a variety of finishes. Want furniture with a modern or a retro look? Oak does full justice to both the finishes.  It’s also often used for Mission/Arts & Crafts furniture design. Oak is derived from eastern and central United States and many antiques in America are of Oak Wood.

It flaunts colors ranging from light brown to pinkish-red with patterns like swirling or stripped grains. The furniture made out of Oak is well known for its scratch and stain resisting quality.

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The blend of attractive colors and the capability of giving a beautiful finished look to any furniture makes Cherry Wood one of the most desired options of modern people. This furniture wood is a pricey hardwood but that is balanced with its quality and appearance. Used mainly in antique furniture with brilliant artworks, Cherry wood’s beauty never fades and is well known to give long term benefits to the owner. Found in the Eastern United States the blend of colors appearing on the wood is pinkish-brown to deep red with straight patterns and some rippling.


Bamboo is a grass species rather than hardwood and therefore it takes less time to grow than a hardwood. Well, there is no compromise with quality and appearance, Bamboo wood gives a beautiful finish with a subtle yet attractive color blend. The quality of being a flexible wood type makes bamboo the wise choice for contemporary interior design.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly yet flexible option when it comes to making furniture and therefore it is a preferred choice of the environment-conscious modern generation. Bamboo is found almost everywhere in the world except parts of Europe and Antarctica.


Pine is the most affordable option among all the woods when it comes to making furniture. The wood type is ideal for farmhouses with a little raw look which is in trend these days. Pine absorbs the paints very well which makes it a great choice for furniture in kids’ rooms. 

Pine is often acquired from Northern Hemisphere and it flaunts colors ranging from a subtle white to eye-catching red, brown and beige tones. The feature that makes it different from other woods is its knots and its rustic characteristics. Pine wood’s appearance is adorned with beautiful knots making it a different yet innovative option to go for. The wood resists shrinking and swelling and thus goes a long way.

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