Latest Wood Products Offered by CameroonTimberExportSarl

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CameroonTimberExportSarl is a leading supplier, exporter and manufacturer of wood timber and logs in the Middle East, Australia, Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world. We not only supply wood but also provide various timber-related services as well as sell a range of related products including wood boards, plywood and tree products such as walnut kernel and in-shell walnuts.

Lately, many new products have been added to the CameroonTimberExportSarl website, and this article aims to educate people about these products including the process to order them. As a full-service wood manufacturing and supplier company, CameroonTimberExportSarl aims to become a one-stop solution for all types of wood products and related services, from timber production to wood harvesting, processing, drying, treatment and transportation.

Here are the latest wood and other products you can buy on the CameroonTimberExportSarl website.

Wood Boards

wood boards

Wood boards are custom-made flat, rectangular pieces of wood that are designed for a particular use. In general, wood logs are cut into timber, which are like small boards. Wood boards are bigger in size and are made either from timber or directly from wood logs. Composite wood boards made of wood pieces in combination with other materials like fibre, glue, veneer, etc. are also quite popular these days.

Wood boards are extensively used in furniture making, construction, flooring, tabletops, and a range of other applications.

While natural wood boards are made of solid wood, engineered or manufactured boards are made of composite wood. Fibreboards, particleboard, laminated boards, MDF, etc. are common examples of engineered wood boards. Boards made of softwood are called softwood boards and the ones made of hardwood are called hardwood boards.

To buy premium quality wood boards, both solid and engineered boards, contact CameroonTimberExportSarl for the best price. Special offers are applicable for bulk orders.




Plywood is engineered wood made from veneers called plies. These plies or thin layers of veneer are attached together using a powerful glue to make a robust, highly durable and strong solid wood product.

Plywood is available in the form of wood boards and comes in a variety of dimensions suitable for different purposes ranging from flooring and roofing to furniture making, cabinets, and general construction. Plywood can be of different types such as softwood, hardwood, flexible plywood, tropical plywood, aircraft plywood, decorative plywood, marine plywood, etc.

Buy top-quality plywood in custom dimensions and sizes and at the guaranteed best price from CameroonTimberExportSarl and get doorstep delivery anywhere in the world. We have plywood available in a range of wood species and huge amounts. All wood products are sustainably produced and processed at the company mill. Contact us today to enquire more.

Other Than Wood

Besides solid wood, timber, plywood and wood boards, we at CameroonTimberExportSarl also sell and supply various outside wood products including walnut kernels and in-shell walnut.

Walnut Kernels

walnut kernels
Walnut kernels are the dry fruits produced from a walnut tree. They are naturally covered in a hard brown coat, and the inner part or the fruit is called the walnut kernel. Walnut kernels are extensively used as dry fruits in dishes, juices, shakes, and directly. They are a great source of antioxidants and omega-3s and can help with a number of health-related issues including inflammation, cancer, overweight, type 2 diabetes and others.

Depending on the type of tree and the location, walnut can greatly vary in quality and size. Eating the best quality walnut is important for all-round benefits. Here at CameroonTimberExportSarl we now supply premium quality walnut kernels produced from some of the finest locations around the world. We sell walnut kernels in bulk and at the lowest price in the market. To buy the best quality walnut kernels, contact us today.

Inshell Walnuts

inshell walnuts

Looking to buy inshell walnuts or whole walnuts at the best price in the market? We sell in-shell walnuts at wholesale prices and delivery to all major countries. Whether you are in the USA, the UK or Australia, we can ship premium-grade in-shell walnuts to your location at the guaranteed best price.

Inshell walnuts, also called whole walnuts, are walnuts that have their shell preserved. This type of walnut is highly popular and widely used. They grow in many countries, but China, the US and Turkey are some of the biggest producers of the highest quality walnuts in the world. And now, you can buy the best premium quality whole walnuts online at CameroonTimberExportSarl with doorstep delivery anywhere in the world. Just call us to tell us about your requirements or to place your order today.

CameroonTimberExportSarl is the no. 1 supplier and global exporter of wood products like timber, logs, slabs, wood boards and plywood in the world. We are in the process of expanding our product line and have recently added many new products/services to our website. Make sure to check them out. To order, just call us or fill-up the form on our website.